X Factor star Saara Aalto marries girlfriend Meri Sopanen in isolation after their wedding was cancelled

Lovely news for these two!
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  • X Factor star Saara Aalto and her girlfriend Meri Sopanen got married in lockdown after their wedding was cancelled.

    The Finnish pop star, who competed in Dancing On Ice last year, and her fiancée of three years were supposed to marry in a big ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

    Of course, with the coronavirus pandemic impacting the whole world, the wedding couldn’t go ahead as originally planned.

    But the loved up couple refused to let social distancing measures stop them from tying the knot and went ahead with their special day anyway.

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    Saara and Meri got married at a private register’s office in Helsinki, with only the two of them present.

    Explaining the reasoning behind the pair’s decision, Saara said, “With all of us feeling so much anxiety and uncertainty right now, Meri and I wanted to celebrate love and put something positive out into the world.

    “When we had to postpone the wedding we were heartbroken, but then we realised we could still hold a private registration and celebrate our love together. It was the perfect moment.”

    Taking to Instagram to reveal that she has taken her partner’s surname, Meri assured fans that they plan to celebrate properly at a later date.

    My name is Meri Aalto. ‘Yes it’s true – me and Saara were married the other day (!!! love you beib!!!), but the wedding celebration will be celebrated with loved ones later,’ she penned.

    Meri and Saara found love after Saara’s stint on the Finnish version of The Voice.

    Having watched Saara on her TV screen and developed a crush on her, the pair hit it off when they finally met.

    Telling their love story to The Sun, Saara said, “I was in The Voice of Finland in 2012 and my girlfriend – fiancée now – watched the show, liked me a lot and sent me a fan message through Facebook.

    “She wrote, ‘I have never, ever sent a message like this to anybody, but I just had this intuition that I have to send this to you’. I was like, ‘That’s so cute’ and thought, ‘What a nice-looking girl’.”

    “Then, after a year, she actually came to my concert and we met. We started talking and realised we just shared the same view of life and everything.”


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