‘I’m feeling fitter, healthier & happier’ Saira Khan reveals how she’s found an inner and outer strength since shaping up

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  • Saira Khan has been steadily losing weight since the beginning of February, with help from her personal trainer, Bradley Simmonds.

    The Loose Women presenter’s fitness journey began when she wanted to fit into a pair of jeans she bought in her late 20s in time for her 50th birthday in May – a goal she managed to achieve!

    Showing off her weight loss on her birthday, she said, ‘I did it! From 2 Feb 2020 until today, 15 May, I’ve been working hard with my PT to fulfil 
a personal dream.

    ‘I wanted to feel fit and fab at 50. 
I honestly can say today, right now, in this moment I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I have my health, my family and friends, and a birthday cake.’

    An inner and outer transformation

    While many would get complacent 
once they hit their goal, Saira is quite 
the opposite. In fact, she’s got the exercise bug, and recently took herself 
off to a seven-day wellness retreat in Spain, where she took part in exercise, yoga and meditation.

    However, sharing a picture of her body transformation, she insisted that her new-found love of exercise and her choice to go to the retreat wasn’t only about weight loss – but also ‘finding herself again’.

    She explained, ‘The whole COVID-19 atmosphere has brought out so much negativity, fear, suspicion and anger 
in people.

    ‘I needed to get away to get better, 
to remind myself of my own strength, of what I am capable of and connect with positive, happy, fun people, to appreciate that even during the hardest times, there are among us all people who radiate calmness and balance.’

    She continued, ‘What you can’t see 
is the amount of inner strength I have gained from this week. I feel like a different woman – stronger, fitter, healthier and happier.’

    ‘Don’t feel invisible’

    Saira has been seen showing off her body on Instagram, and is understandably very proud of it. She posed topless recently and has even been exercising in nothing but a bikini – and she’s passionate about the fact that you shouldn’t have to stop once you get to the age of 50.

    She wrote, ‘So many women when 
they hit 50 say they feel invisible. My advice is to reconnect with your passions, do the things that bring you joy and put you in a good place.

    ‘If you feel invisible – you will act that way and you will be overlooked. But if 
you feel alive, strong and radiate energy with your presence, you will be visible 
to everyone – including yourself.’

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    Saira, who is mum to son Zachariah and daughter Amara, continued to encourage other women of her age to embrace their passions, keep going, and do what they love, no matter what anyone else thinks.

    ‘Let go of the norm, stop trying to live your life to please others, take a little risk, f**k the negativity and rejoice in life – your life – every day counts because you will never get it back,’ she said. ‘Do it for you! Do what makes YOU come alive. 
Be inspired by your ability to do the incredible if you dare to give it a go.’

    And, clearly very happy with her new exercise regime, she finished, ‘I dared myself and I never looked back. I’m daring myself to go further than I ever imagined.’