The School That Tried To End Racism leaves viewers ‘heartbroken’ after student breaks down

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  • The School That Tried To End Racism left viewers heartbroken after a student made a candid admission.

    The Channel 4 documentary follows Year 7 children of different ethnic backgrounds who attend Glenthorn High School in South London as they undertake a three-week experiment looking at racial bias.

    And viewers were left in tears after a young Black pupil opened up on his experiences of stop and search.

    Yesterday’s episode saw the students learning about systemic racism and how it has led to a cycle of oppression in the past.

    school tried end racism heartbreaking story stop search

    Bright candidly opened up about his experiences with stop and search (Credit: Channel 4)

    Speaking to his mother about what the class has been discussing during that day in school, student Bright opened up about how he constantly worries about whether he will be stopped and searched.

    Opening up about the subject to his mum, he said, “Whenever you go into a shop you feel like, ‘oh hopefully I don’t get stopped today’, and it just gets to you.”

    Bright teared up when talking about a time when he had been stopped by the police in a supermarket as they asked to check his bag, despite the fact that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

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    When he asked the police officer why he was the only person being stopped and searched, the officer responded, “I know how young black people like you act.”

    “I didn’t like that,” admitted the young pupil. “I didn’t understand that.”

    And viewers were left in tears after watching Bright and hearing about his story, with many taking to Twitter to share their reactions.

    school tried end racism heartbreaking story stop search

    Bright spent the episode in the classroom with his fellow students (Credit: Channel 4)

    Aaaw, Bright trying to talk to his mom about his experiences. 😔😭 #TheSchoolThatTriedtoEndRacism,’ wrote on viewer on Twitter.

    Another commented, ‘Watching bright try and not cry is so heartbreaking #theschoolthattriedtoendracism,’ while one added, ‘This guy is breaking my heart 💔 #TheSchoolThatTriedtoEndRacism’.

    Last night concluded the candid series, which explored many harrowing and eye-opening stories.

    Let’s hope it allows us all to move towards a change for the better ❤️

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