Simon Cowell reveals he’s been doing this controversial activity with son Eric

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  • Simon Cowell has revealed he's been camping with son Eric during lockdown, but partner/mum Lauren isn't a fan.

    The Britain’s Got Talent judge is currently bunkering down in his LA mansion and like many celebrities during the world health crisis, he’s been getting hands on with home schooling.

    He said, ‘I was concerned how [Eric] was going to cope with all of this. But he has been absolutely amazing… He is still able to do schoolwork, and now we are camping on the weekends in the garden.’

    Simon was speaking to friend Terri Seymour for Extra over videocall as he revealed partner Lauren Silverman, who is also mum to Eric, six, was not a fan of the outdoor camping set up.

    Simon, 60, explained, ‘Lauren, the first time, 11 o’clock said, “I can’t deal with this, we’re going back inside’… and I said ‘No, we are staying outside.'”

    It’s not clear whether he managed to win her over with the experience or whether she snuck out in the middle of the night for a more favourable comfy bed.

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    Hello everyone. I wanted to share something exciting my son Eric and I have been working on. I would like to introduce to you #WISHFITS. To begin with, we have announced a seven book deal with @hachettekids today. WISHFIT is a world where the most unusual animals exist. The WISHFITS are magical, unusual and have evolved in a weird and wonderful way, combining two different species to form hybrid animals with very distinct characteristics! Some of Eric’s favourite WISHFITS include the DAT (dog/cat) the COG (cat/dog), the SNOG (snail/dog – the enthusiasm of a dog at the speed of a snail), the PEEP (pig/sheep) the CHUG (cheetah/slug – the slowest cat in the world), the HIPPOROO (hippo/kangaroo), the CHIMPANPOO (chimpanzee/poodle), the POLARBAT (polarbear/bat), the CROCOPUSS (crocodile/cat), the SHIGER (sheep/tiger – the most nervous cat in the world), the SPIKEY (spider/donkey) and many, many more. To be able to write a series of books with my son Eric has been magical. This idea was inspired 3 years ago by a very special friend of ours who runs a Children’s Hospice charity. I told her one evening about some of the funny animals my son Eric and I would invent, starting with the Cog and the Dat. And how every evening the two of us would think of the most unlikely animal we would like to have as a pet. She loved this idea so much she encouraged me to turn this into a book series. I then met with an amazing company called @tongalteam who have a global community of creators. We loved the idea of thousands of creative people being part of the development of our idea. I am thrilled to be working with Hachette, an amazing publishing house. They shared our passion and enthusiasm from the moment we told them about WISHFITS.
 Two of the children’s charities I work closely with will benefit from profits of WISHFITS, @sschospices and @togetherforshortlives. Simon PS. My gut feeling is that some of these WISHFITS actually exist…somewhere!

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    Simon, who has been sticking to his diet during lockdown, admits his son is making it harder for him to not give in to his favourite takeaway treat.

    What else is Simon Cowell doing at home?

    And if you’re wondering how Simon is spending his time, he said, ‘I’m doing a bit of cooking, I’m exercising, funnily enough, more during this period as well. Still sticking to the diet so I do feel good at the moment. The only difficult thing is when Eric orders a pizza… That’s hard because it’s the number one thing I miss,’ he added.

    Terri commented on how slim he looked and Simon revealed, ‘Yeah, I think I’ve dropped since I started this diet over a year ago… I think 60 pounds.’

    He previously spoke of how he achieved his incredible weight loss, putting it down to a diet overhaul.

    At the time he spilled, ‘I went to see this guy who’s very well-known. And he said to me, after doing some blood work, “You can’t have red meat, dairy, sugar, bread or gluten”.’