Simon Cowell reveals ‘terrifying’ fears for his family

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  • Britain’s Got Talent host Simon Cowell has admitted he’s “terrified” about contracting coronavirus.

    In a newly released interview, which took place prior to lockdown, the music mogul confessed he was taking extra precautions to stay safe in order to protect his six-year-old son, Eric.

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    Speaking on TalkRadio he said, “I am terrified about it. I have worn masks for ages, when I cycle around town, I wear a mask.

    “But I am taking Eric to Disneyland Paris next weekend and I’m almost certain when we’re on the train we will 100 per cent be wearing masks.”

    Simon, 60, previously tested negative for COVID-19 after fellow America’s Got Talent star, Heidi Klum, was taken ill in March.

    It’s not the first time Simon has feared for his own health since welcoming little Eric into the world.

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    In fact his son has turned formerly “nasty” Simon into quite a softy.

    The X Factor creator recently lost three stone after transitioning to a healthier lifestyle following a health scare back in 2017.

    Simon turned over a new leaf and became vegan, as well as making several other lifestyle changes after he collapsed at home.

    “I cut out a lot of the stuff I shouldn’t have been eating and that was primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar — those were the four main things,’ he said at the time.

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    As well as his weight loss and toned figure, Simon’s lifestyle overhaul has made him a better dad to Eric.

    “My memory’s better, my energy’s better. And when you’ve got a five year old you’ve got to be able to keep up with them because the minute they’re awake they’re all over the place. His energy is unbelievable,” he confessed.

    At just six years old, little Eric doesn’t stop. “When he wakes up he’s like, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy,’ and before he goes to sleep, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy’.

    “So I was conscious of the fact I have to keep up with him energy wise and someone recommended this as the way to go.”

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