Simon Cowell and son Eric look adorable wearing matching pyjamas for America’s Got Talent filming at home

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  • Simon Cowell matches son Eric in adorable matching pyjamas as the pair join filming for America's Got Talent.

    The music mogul, 60, didn’t seem to mind slipping into something more comfortable – especially when it meant matching his mini-me son Eric, six.

    Simon, who is a judge on America’s Got Talent alongside Heidi Klum and show host Terry Crews.

    Si, is used to wearing his signature crisp white shirt and jeans but he ditched them for loungewear as he teased trailer for the 15th season of the US talent show.

    During a zoom video call Heidi shares her colourful nails, and Simon adds, ‘I was going to wear my pyjamas but I strongly suggested not to.’

    To which Heidi replied, ‘No you should, I have mine on.’

    As soon as he saw Heidi wearing a pair of tropical print pyjamas, he acknowledged he had a similar pair, Simon said, ‘Mine are almost identical.’

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    Hello everyone. I wanted to share something exciting my son Eric and I have been working on. I would like to introduce to you #WISHFITS. To begin with, we have announced a seven book deal with @hachettekids today. WISHFIT is a world where the most unusual animals exist. The WISHFITS are magical, unusual and have evolved in a weird and wonderful way, combining two different species to form hybrid animals with very distinct characteristics! Some of Eric’s favourite WISHFITS include the DAT (dog/cat) the COG (cat/dog), the SNOG (snail/dog – the enthusiasm of a dog at the speed of a snail), the PEEP (pig/sheep) the CHUG (cheetah/slug – the slowest cat in the world), the HIPPOROO (hippo/kangaroo), the CHIMPANPOO (chimpanzee/poodle), the POLARBAT (polarbear/bat), the CROCOPUSS (crocodile/cat), the SHIGER (sheep/tiger – the most nervous cat in the world), the SPIKEY (spider/donkey) and many, many more. To be able to write a series of books with my son Eric has been magical. This idea was inspired 3 years ago by a very special friend of ours who runs a Children’s Hospice charity. I told her one evening about some of the funny animals my son Eric and I would invent, starting with the Cog and the Dat. And how every evening the two of us would think of the most unlikely animal we would like to have as a pet. She loved this idea so much she encouraged me to turn this into a book series. I then met with an amazing company called @tongalteam who have a global community of creators. We loved the idea of thousands of creative people being part of the development of our idea. I am thrilled to be working with Hachette, an amazing publishing house. They shared our passion and enthusiasm from the moment we told them about WISHFITS.
 Two of the children’s charities I work closely with will benefit from profits of WISHFITS, @sschospices and @togetherforshortlives. Simon PS. My gut feeling is that some of these WISHFITS actually exist…somewhere!

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    And she ordered him to “go change”.

    At this point Simon’s young son Eric, who he has with partner Lauren Silverman, popped up for an appearance on the video call, wearing tropical pjs.

    “Beautiful Eric, good job,” enthused Sofia.

    ‘That’s them. I’m going to see if I can find mine…’ added Simon as he jumped up to look.

    What do Simon Cowell’s co-stars think of his pyjamas?

    Simon rejoined the video chat wearing his tropical print pyjamas with a beaming smile and had the buttons on the top half-unbuttoned.

    “I like that, that’s much better,” said Heidi once she saw his new outfit.

    Heidi and Simon were joined by Howie Mandel and new judge Sofia Vergara.

    “They are actually almost identical,” Simon pointed out of the similar pattern, ‘Which is just brilliant,’

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    BRITs 2017

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    Howie pointed out, ‘It’s interesting to see even with pyjamas that you wear it low cut at the front,’

    which was met with a roar of laughter.