Simon Thomas faces fresh agony after his wife’s tragic death

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  • Simon Thomas’ father has passed away, just three years after the ex-Sky Sports presenter lost his wife to leukaemia.

    The TV star shared the sad news on Instagram and paid tribute to the “absolute best” father.

    Alongside a photo of his parents, Simon, 47, wrote, “Goodbye Dad. We will always love you. Perhaps the words of Ethan earlier this week sum it up best when I asked him how he was feeling about Grandpa being ill, he said this:

    ‘I feel sad but Grandpa’s got lots to be proud of. Producing three beautiful children (definitely right on Becky and Hannah), got to marry and spend his whole life with lovely Grandma and spent his life serving God.’ Farewell Dad. You were the absolute best. We love you xxx 16/12/41 – 29/05/20”

    Days before his death, Simon revealed his sadness at not being able to visit his father due to the fact he lived in a care home.

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    He uploaded a picture of him on FaceTime to his father and captioned the post, “FaceTiming the old man today. For lots of people this is a really tough time.

    “It’s especially hard for those in care homes. Visits from family and friends are often all that residents have to look forward to each day.

    “Now they face an indefinite period where those visits can’t happen.”

    Sharing his pain over not being able to visit due to covid-19, Simon added, “Wish I was able to drive up to Norfolk and give my Dad a wave through the window. But for now, FaceTime, phone calls and a few cards from Ethan will to do.”

    Simon’s devastating loss comes just three years after his wife, Gemma, passed away from leukaemia – just three days after she was diagnosed.

    On facing life after death, Simon previously admitted he considered ending his own life.

    “I didn’t cope very well, I’ve been to a grief counsellor since three weeks after Gemma died, it really helps me. Grief is painful whoever you’ve lost and whatever time in your life you lose them,” he explained.

    “I had a decision to make and there were at least two moments where I nearly did end it. My boy has been the single biggest reason I kept going.”