Supernanny viewers ‘heartbroken’ after child reveals parents are ‘too busy’ for her

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  • Supernanny USA is back on E4, and viewers were devastated by a heartbreaking confession from a four-year-old girl.

    Supernanny Jo Frost visited the Bradio family during Thursday’s episode, where she met parents Jessica and CJ.

    They had contacted Jo looking for a solution to their four-year-old daughter’s tantrums, which had gotten too much for them to handle.

    Jo had witnessed a very public tantrum from Rylie in a restaurant, after her younger brothers became restless.

    In heartbreaking scenes, young Rylie was showing Jo her toys, when she was urged to ask her mum to play with her.

    But mum-of-four Jessica was preoccupied by her younger children, especially youngest baby Gage.

    Rylie tells Jo, “Mummy is busy” and when asked about her father, responds, “Daddy is busy too”.


    Supernanny Jo Frost met four-year-old Rylie, who had a heartbreaking confession… (Credit: E4)

    This was a lightbulb moment for Jo, who after observing the family, noted that Rylie was feeling ignored.

    She told the camera, “Rylie has clearly got the message that her parents can’t make time for her.”

    Addressing mum Jessica, Jo added, “That’s why you saw the meltdown yesterday.

    “She’s like, ‘I’m done. Take these siblings away.’ Because guess what having those siblings around means to her? She doesn’t have a relationship with you both!”

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    One viewer wrote, ‘“They are both busy” Bless her’

    Another added, ‘That was heartbreaking…and I don’t even have children!’

    And a third wrote, ‘That broke my heart :(‘

    Jo also criticised Jessica’s controlling ways, after the mum admitted she was tired of doing all the childcare.

    She said, “If you’re about controlling everything and then you turn around and you say ‘oh well I have to do everything’, that’s playing martyr. You need to let go a bit.”

    And turning to dad CJ, she told him, “It’s hard for mum to do that if she cannot trust you to follow through and do the job.”