This Morning announces HUGE change amid coronavirus outbreak

This Morning
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With the coronavirus pandemic leaving us in uncertain times, This Morning has made a huge change to help viewers.

On Wednesday's episode of This Morning, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby announced a big change to their format.

To help viewers feel a little better about circumstances, they announced that they've changed the screens behind them to their summer season.

Phillip explained, "You know that when we had our studios down by the Southbank, the view was a real view. And we've made no bones about the fact that these are screens now. So therefore we have control over the screens."

He continued, "And so we have seasons. We recorded all the scenes when we were there, we've even got snow.

"It's sort of winter time out there now..." Phillip said, and Holly agreed, "Yeah, no leaves, no greenery."

Phillip added, "From now on, from this day forward, every day outside that window until we come through this is going to be summer!"

The screens behind the two presenters changed from grey and dreary, to bright sunshine with green trees.

Holly added, "Doesn't that make you feel instantly better?

"If you're self isolating, you're in a flat, and you haven't got access to open space, use our window! Look at all that, it's beautiful."

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Fans on Twitter praised This Morning for making the change and brightening up the studio.

One wrote, 'Excellent. Thank you @thismorning @schofe and @hollywills. Helping me through all this.'

Another added, 'Ah that made me feel good.'

And a third said, 'I wish I could just change the trees from bare to summer time with a click of a finger.... the power and magic of TV.'

According to mental health charity Mind, bringing nature into your life can boost your wellbeing during difficult times.

They said, 'Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. It can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress or anger, and make you feel more relaxed.'

If you're unable to leave your home due to self-isolation, there are some steps you can take to enjoy nature.

They recommend spending time by the window, opening windows to let in some fresh air, and growing plants inside your home.

Well done, This Morning! Every little helps...

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