The big clue that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield could be leaving This Morning soon

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A This Morning insider has revealed a big clue that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield may be leaving This Morning soon.

The famous telly twosome have had hold of the presenting reins on ITV’s smash hit This Morning for 11 years now.

But one insider reckons that a big change on the award winning programme’s set could spell the end of the iconic duo’s hosting stint.

This Morning editor Martin Frizell is reportedly leaving his role, which could result in Holly and Phil doing the same – although there’s nothing to say the pair are thinking about giving up their This Morning cue cards just yet.

However, a source reckons Martin is the main crew member keeping Holly and Phil in check and making sure their cheeky antics are kept under control.

They told the Mail On Sunday, “Phil and Holly actually listen to Martin.

"Who knows what they'd do if he left?"

Colleagues and best pals Holly and Phillip are often left in fits of laughter live on air and are known for their hilariously casual presenting style – something thousands of viewers find seriously entertaining.

Mum-of-three Holly was left in stitches last week when Phil’s cheeky sex toy themed blunder set her off.

During a chat with money expert Martin Lewis about a viewer’s holiday plans that have been thrown into disarray due to the coronavirus pandemic, iconic silver fox telly host Phil tripped on his words and made an inadvertent nod to something a little naughty.

Confusing holiday firm Love Holidays with online sex toy retailer Love Honey, Phil began, “Rebecca if Love Honey…”

Noticing his mistake, he corrected himself, looking rather awkward and leaving Holly tittering.

“That’s a whole different package coming through the door there,” Phil smirked.

“Totally different,” a red-faced Holly chipped in.

Reports of the team of two’s potential departure follows news that Martin is keen to employ more Black presenters within the programme in order to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, currently taking a pivotal place in conversations about change all around the world.

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