‘I picked excellent father material’ Ulrika Jonsson reflects on her ex after celerbating her son’s birthday

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  • Ulrika Jonsson reached out to praise her choice in men after her ex pulled out all the stops to help their son celebrate his Star Wars birthday.

    The TV presenter, who has daughter Bo, 20 and Martha, 16, and sons Cameron, 25 and Malcolm, 12, celebrated the birthday of her youngest son Malcolm – who she has with ex Brian Monet.

    Ulrika uploaded a few family snaps to show how they celebrated her son’s birthday in lockdown and captioned them, ‘Yesterday.

    When your ex is a magnificent Vader and goes to the trouble to dress up – proper – make a film (which I must find on @youtube ) together with your oldest son for the youngest; gets him an extraordinary Light Sabre because nothing is too much trouble for his little Skywalker.’

    She went on to praise her choice in men adding, ‘Then you know you that even if the two of you couldn’t make it work, you picked excellent father material. *pats herself on the back*


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    This Boy. Malcolm Charles Tripp Monet. 12yrs old today. You were the child I didn’t think I would have – nudging 41 and already having made a substantial contribution towards maternity, I knew I was pushing this last request. But it was granted and out you came, immediately earning yourself the nickname “angry baby” because all 10lbs of you were absolutely furious about being born. When I told the midwife we were naming you Malcolm, her response was underwhelming: “You can’t call a baby Malcolm!!” and I momentarily thought we’d made a terrible mistake. ‘Charles’ is your Godfather’s name and ‘Tripp’ was after a character played by Donald Sutherland (who your mummy quietly fancies). You are a feisty Gemini. Wilful but charmingly so. You called milk “day” and would point at things and say “disela”. You liked crunchy things, not soft puréed vegetables. Inherited your dad’s creativity and imagination. But what I’m most magnificently proud of is your empathy and ability to care for others. You are fundamentally kind and don’t like bad atmospheres. At the same time, you’re quite capable of a stunning temper colossal enough to silence the Gods. You’re romantic and respectful so I’m hopeful for your future. But for now you’re going to be 12. And we’re going to celebrate you. And all things @starwars . #malcolm

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    Is Ulrika Jonsson in lockdown with her ex?

    The TV personality revealed she is spending part of her time in lockdown with ex-husband Brian Monet, 51, the father of her son Malcolm.

    The 52-year-old previously told of how the pandemic has given their relationship a new lease of life – and love.

    She said, ‘IF you told me two years ago that a cruel and punitive virus would devastate the globe and make me spend more time with my ex-husband, I’d have believed the first part but not the latter.

    ‘My ex moved out about 18 months ago, our marriage having been put through the wringer for many reasons — one of them being a devastating lack of ­intimacy.

    ‘We shared 14 years together and I always felt he was my best friend.’

    And it looks like he’s standing by his parenting duties too.

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