Who is Richard Arnold's partner? All you need to know about the Good Morning Britain star's life

Richard Arnold, who is Richard Arnold's partner?
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Richard Arnold is best-known for bringing Good Morning Britain (opens in new tab) viewers a daily dose of all the latest celebrity news and gossip but when he's in the spotlight fans are wondering who is Richard Arnold's partner?

The journalist and showbiz presenter has been on the channel since 2014, having interviewed all the soap stars including Sue Clever to Hollywood A-listers but he's kept his private life private but in recent years he's dropped his partner into conversation.

Who is Richard Arnold's partner?

Richard Arnold, 52, has a partner called Stuart who he has been in a relationship with for the last 20 years. He most recently wished Stuart a happy anniversary back in May 2020 as he returned to host on Good Morning Britain with "huge hair".

Richard, who has never shared a photo with his long-term boyfriend made a rare tribute to him as he told viewers, "me and the weave are back.

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Richard admitted he has a "man-cave" summer house and told viewers, "It's my man cave and believe me i need it because the other half and I like many people have been working from home and I've discovered that the other half, who is tuning in so happy anniversary, is one of those people who talks into his phone like that [demonstrates holding phone to mouth] so every time I see him do it I have to leave the house otherwise I'll shave his eyebrows off!"

Richard tends to share snaps of his celebrity friends, work colleagues and pooch on Instagram but his partner is yet to make an appearance.

Where in London does Richard Arnold live?

Richard Arnold lives in central London with his partner Stuart and their cockapoo called Clementine.

He revealed in an interview with House Beautiful (opens in new tab) in March he was enjoying living in central London, "Having never had an outdoor space before, I was really keen to get started on the garden straight away when we moved in. Even though we live in central London and you hear the occasional siren, it really is an oasis. It's extraordinarily quiet, really."

And the neighbours are friendly. Richard gushed, "We're blessed with neighbours who are equally as green-fingered. Richard and Nancy next door actually keep bees. I remember there was a knock at the door shortly after we moved in. We were doing a bit of drilling and I thought, 'Oh no, we can't fall out with the neighbours on day one!' But Richard came to the door with some of his homemade honey."

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Explaining how much his outdoor space helped him in lockdown, he added, "Our garden has become a real sanctuary for us. For many people during lockdown who were lucky enough to have an outdoor space — or frankly even a window box – it took your mind away from everything that was going on. For the last 10 years, our garden has been very much that. Particularly when my Dad passed away and when my other half lost his Mother, we would spend a lot of time in the garden. My other half is much more green-fingered than I am, although I can pick the ingredients for Pimms. It's become the place where we made some fantastic memories but also a source of tremendous comfort. Just to step outside and take a breath, I can't imagine being without one."

And recently Richard has invited viewers into his home life, filming from his shed. He said, "During lockdown I was broadcasting a lot from my shed – my man cave if you like. It's a very old-fashioned shed, but it became an extended part of the Good Morning Britain set. That's my space; it's where I retreat to put my feet up and build lego. You won't be surprised to know there's another cocktail station in there with a little fridge that I can reach into for a glass of chardonnay."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am-9am.

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