Freaky Friday 2 confirmed with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan on board

The sequel to the 2003 fantasy comedy film is officially in development, Disney has confirmed

Freaky Friday 2 confirmed with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan on board
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Disney has confirmed that Freaky Friday 2 is officially happening, with both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan expected to return for the sequel.

The fantasy comedy was a smash hit when it premiered in movie theatres back in 2003 and has remained a cult classic ever since. 

Based on the 1972 film of the same name, Freaky Friday tells the story of a mother and daughter who magically swap bodies after eating a mysterious Fortune Cookie at a Chinese restaurant. The switch-up leads to all sorts of shenanigans that, while initially a source of chaos in their already turbulent relationship, ultimately bring the duo closer together. 

Curtis and Lohan are now reported to be reprising their iconic roles for the highly-anticipated sequel, which is currently in development and being written by Elyse Hollander. 


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Fans of the original Freaky Friday have been quick to share their reactions online, with many virtually jumping for joy over the exciting news. 

"I wholeheartedly welcome a sequel," one person wrote on Twitter, after recalling how they were pleasantly surprised by the 2003 version. 

Curtis, 64, has never been shy about her openness to doing another Freaky Friday, revealing earlier this year that she had contacted her "friends at Disney" to tell them, "There's a movie to be made." 

Lohan, now 36, has also expressed her interest in a sequel. 

"Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be," she said in 2022. "We would only make something that people would absolutely adore." 

Speaking to the New York Times to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Freaky Friday earlier this year, Curtis and Lohan spoke candidly about their experience of working together. 

At one point, the Halloween Ends star shared her "strongest memory" from the project. 

Curtis revealed that she'll never forget "the scene where the two of us are in the car eating French fries." 

"Now, if I get a text out of the blue, “Hey, Jamie, it’s Linds,” I say, “Prove it. What was the song we were trying to learn the rap to during ‘Freaky Friday’?” If she answers Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You,” then I know it’s Lindsay Lohan." 

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