Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page admits she nearly DIVORCED her husband in lockdown

Welsh actress, Joanna Page, confessed she went a month without talking to her husband during the first covid-19 lockdown and it nearly led to them getting divorced.

The Gavin & Stacey star shares three children, Eva, seven, Kit, five, and Noah, four, with her husband, James Thornton. And being full-time parents during lockdown killed the intimacy in their marriage.

Joanna, 43, made the admission to The Sun and said, "We spent the whole of the first lockdown arguing and threatening to divorce each other. Then we went through a month of literally not saying a single word to each other.

"We came out of that a bit numb and deadened and desperate for anything we could get because we just argued so much."

Like most couples, Joanna - who plays Stacey Shipman in Gavin & Stacey - and James struggled to find time for intimacy during lockdown and ended up scheduling time for sex.

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"Let’s get some sex in before we have to pick the kids up from school’ — that’s how desperate we’d got," she explained.

With their children becoming increasingly needy during lockdown, Joanna said it was a "godsend" when they went back to school.

She told The Sun, “At night-time one wanted to lie on that side holding that boob, the other one wanted to lie on this side holding this boob and then my third little one just wanted to lie down the whole of my body. So I was there going, ‘Oh my God, please, I just want a bit of space’.

“When we managed to get them back to school that was a godsend because at least me and my husband could talk to each other and reunite and then I could fancy him.”

The couple failed to be intimate during lockdown

With the Gavin & Stacey 2019 Christmas Special being repeated this Christmas - following an on-air cast reunion on BBC Radio Wales - fans are still desperate to discover what will happen next after Smithy, played by James Corden, said "Yes" to marrying Nessa (Ruth Jones).

But is another series on the cards?

According to Joanna, she thinks it might be best left on a cliffhanger. “I can see that being really good because I don’t know how you could ever end it — and would you ever be satisfied at the end? I don’t know.”

She's got a point!

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