James Cracknell wedding: Beverley Turner breaks silence on her ex-husband's big day

Beverley Turner proved friendly exes do exist when she congratulated her ex-husband, James Cracknell, as he tied the knot with Jordan Connell.

Beverley and James had been married for 17 years before splitting in 2019. She nursed him back to health after the Olympic rower suffered a devastating brain injury nine years ago.

And while the 47-year-old admitted divorce was never in her plan, she still wished him well on his wedding day.

Taking to social media with a selfie of her with her new boyfriend, she wrote, "Huge congratulations from us both to @jamescracknell who gets married today to a woman who makes him happy.

"Marriage, brain injury and divorce was never Plan A. But to anyone currently in the dark, the sun WILL come out again one day."

Fans flocked to praise Beverley for handling the news so well, with one tweeting, "Glad you are both happy after moving on." Another said, "Classily done."

However, despite her brave show of strength, Beverley later admitted you never "fully get over it".

Taking to her Instagram stories, she said, "It's a strange day today, my ex-husband got married today - which is quite a strange thing to say and I thought I was going to be totally OK with it, and I am OK with it.

"I'm happier now than I have been for many years and I know James is happier now than he has been for many years - and a big part of that is Jordan, his wife. But it also made me quite pensive and I couldn't quite work out why."

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She continued, "You never get married thinking you're going to get divorced and although the kids are great and I have a new partner who is amazing with them and in many ways they are lively, resilient children.

"You never have divorced parents as something that you're totally fine with. I just wanted to say that, but the other thing, I know that lots of people who are part of the brain injury world do follow me, even if you are in the darkest bits of those journeys - which you might be now - you do see the sun again at some point."

James was knocked off his bike by a petrol tanker in Arizona back in 2010. And was never quite the same, according to his now ex-wife.


Explaining the changes to their relationship, Beverley told The Times, "A formerly quiet man, he couldn't stop talking, but certainly stopped listening. I had my silent screams in the shower so the children wouldn't hear.

"Acquired brain injury is contagious — the whole family catches it and soon everyone is snapping, sighing, arguing and slamming doors. After a brain injury a couple's dynamic typically becomes one of parent and child, complete with nagging, resistance, resentment and sulking."

We're pleased to see you both happy!

Caitlin Elliott
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