Paloma Faith says she’s ‘so tired’ juggling her career with motherhood and slams ‘society's expectation on women’ to have it all

The singer has been incredibly vocal and candid while opening up about her experience of motherhood

Paloma Faith
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Paloma Faith has opened up about juggling her career with being a mother, saying she is 'so tired' and doesn't believe the idea that mothers can 'have it all' is achievable at all. 

Everyone strives to be the 'perfect parent' but, at least deep down, we all know that it's impossible. Whether you've experienced parental burnout as a result of perfect parenting, or you realised just in the nick of time that perfect parenting isn't necessary as experts say no matter your parenting approach, you will mess your kids up and that's more than ok, everyone is forced at some point or another to make peace with the fact perfect parenting is not only unattainable, but it doesn't exist. 

It's a truth Paloma Faith, who recently spoke out about her dislike for the term co-parenting, is now coming to terms with. The singer split with the father of her two children back in 2022 and she's since been navigating her changing relationship with motherhood. 

Now largely parenting on her own, she's revealed that juggling motherhood with her career has felt not only 'tiring' but 'impossible' and it's led her to speak out against 'society's expectation on women' to have it all; a career, children, and a put-together life. 

"I’ve got more energy than most but, frankly, I’m so tired. Touring as a single parent is something else," she told Radio Times in a recent interview. "Back in the day, I’d get in at two in the morning and then I’d sleep in because my ex would look after the kids. But now I get in, get four hours sleep, then I’m up getting them ready for school.

MILF: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F*ckery, Paloma Faith, was £22, now 16.22 at Amazon. 

MILF: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F*ckery, Paloma Faith, was £22, now 16.22 at Amazon

Paloma Faith's number one Sunday Times bestselling book, MILF: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F*ckery, has been described as the most raw, funny and liberating look at what it is to be a woman. 

Throughout the book, the singer delves deep into the issues that face women today, using her own stories of the challenges of IVF and the early years of motherhood to explore everything from puberty and sexual awakenings, to battling through the expectations of patriarchy and the 'Supermum' myth. 

What does it even mean to be a 'good mother'? How can we embrace messiness, imperfection and the bitter sweet pleasures of being 'selfish' and putting ourselves first as parents? Faith is determined to find out and let us all in on the secret. 

"I don’t believe we can have it all," she added candidly. "I feel a bit disgruntled about society’s expectation on women, because we were given this idea that you could work and have your own money and independence while raising children. What we’ve ended up with is far too much responsibility, and I think a lot of women are burning out.

"Parenting is a full-time job. If you’re also CEO of your own business, like I am, then I’m meant to delegate to my partner, but that’s a full-time job because they’ve not got any initiative. It’s exhausting and you sacrifice something, always."

It's a topic Faith speaks about plainly in her new book MILF: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F**kery. As she did with her latest album, the book explores the end of her long-term relationship with her daughters' father and how her life has changed since that moment. 

"I did have to carefully edit the book and the album, because I still have to maintain a relationship with my children’s dad and there’s a fragility to that," she admitted. "I had the pull between that, but also feeling that the culture needed an injection of the truth.

"We skirt around it: people know that it’s hard to be middle-aged, or a single mum, or go through a break-up – but there’s nothing that really talks about the real harsh truth of it and I think it’s important."

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