Queer Eye's Tan France celebrates birth of second baby with husband Rob

Queer Eye presenter Tan France and his husband have welcomed their second son, Isaac, via surrogacy

Queer Eye's Tan France has second baby with husband Rob via surrogate
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Queer Eye presenter Tan France has celebrated the birth of his second baby via surrogacy with husband Rob. 

The English-American fashion designer took to social media on Tuesday to share the exciting news that the couple will be parents to a newborn once again. 

"Welcome baby boy #2, Isaac France, born this past weekend," France captioned the latest post on his Instagram. "He completes our little family perfectly." 

In the accompanying photo, the TV personality can be seen smiling broadly while cradling the adorable tot. His husband, Rob France, stands next to him and is holding their first child, Ismail, who turns two in July. For privacy reasons, the couple has placed an emoticon of a cartoon baby over their eldest infant's face. 

Tan, 40, also expressed their gratitude to Isaac's biological mother, whose identity remains unknown. 

"And a huge thank you to our incredible warrior of a surrogate, for giving us the greatest gift one could ever give," the Dressing Funny host added. 

The touching update has been inundated with comments, many of which are congratulating the chuffed parents on their happy milestone. 

"So happy for the world to meet your new beautiful baby!!! What a blessed family!" one person wrote, while another said, "Best news! So happy for you all!" 

In April, Tan confirmed that he and Rob, whom he married in 2007, were expecting their second child. 

"We were over the moon [when they found out their surrogate was pregnant]," Tan told People. "It was the best feeling ever. I mean, it felt almost as shocking as the first time. I was overjoyed, in tears, I couldn't believe that it had finally happened again. It was just the most incredible feeling." 

Tan France

Tan and Rob France

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Tan also said that he and Rob, who works as a pediatric nurse and an illustrator, have a "wonderful" relationship with Isaac's surrogate mother, despite living in a different US state to her. 

"We don't get to see her in real life as much, but we see her on FaceTime or Zoom," he added. 

Tan and Rob's first baby, Ismail, was also born via surrogacy. 

When asked about the toddler's reaction to learning he was going to be a big brother, Tan revealed he doesn't seem too fazed. 

"All he knows is that there is a car outside with his name on it. As soon as he wakes up the first word is 'car,' and the second word is 'car.' So it doesn't matter what we try to explain to him, what we're trying to show him, his only word is 'car'," he said. 

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