The Caffè Nero Christmas 2022 menu is here with Cinnamon Swirl Latte and Vegan Festive Feast

The Caffè Nero Christmas 2022 menu is up for grabs now and it sounds incredible

Caffè Nero Christmas 2022 menu
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The Caffè Nero Christmas 2022 menu has arrived, complete with eight scrumptious new foods and three fresh drinks in honour of the festive season. 

The UK coffee chain's counter has gotten an exciting makeover, much to the delight of its loyal customers. 

Caffè Nero's Christmas range for 2022 will be available from November 3 to December 26, giving the public plenty of time to enjoy its new items before spring is upon us. The announcement, which is music to the ears of coffee lovers everywhere, comes shortly after Costa's Christmas 2022 menu, Starbucks' Christmas 2022 menu and Pret Christmas menu were also revealed. 

Last year, Caffè Nero delighted its loyal punters by introducing a chocolate orange chouxnut and a crispy vegan panini to its impressively creative Christmas menu. It looks like the Italian-inspired café giant could now outdo its 2021 performance, however, with its stellar lineup of new treats. 

For customers craving a deliciously warming beverage, Caffè Nero's new festive drinks menu will include the Luxury Black Forest Mocha and the Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate. The Cinnamon Swirl Latte, which is the brand's first drink designed to be enjoyed with oat milk, will also make its debut. 

Caffe Nero

Cinnamon Swirl Latte at Caffe Nero 

(Image credit: Caffe Nero)

Caffe Nero

(Image credit: Caffe Nero)

Caffè Nero has also introduced some indulgent festive foods to its Christmas 2022 menu, including the Turkey Feast Focaccia (a medley of soft rosemary, rock salt focaccia packed with turkey, smoked bacon, and cranberry sauce) and an updated Vegan Festive Feast recipe, featuring a fennel and sage stuffing and finished with a vegan gravy mayo. A decadent Black Forest Cake, the perfect dessert to follow one of Caffè Nero's luxurious sandwiches, has also been launched. 

If you're worried that your favorite bites from last year's Christmas menu have been scrapped, fear not. Delights from seasons bygone, like the Caffè Nero Pigs Under Blanket Tostati, its Brie and Bacon panini, and its crowd-pleasing Classic Mince Pie, will also be offered once again. 

Will Stratton-Morris, CEO at Caffè Nero UK said: “We’re continuing to grow and expand our delicious festive range by offering more choice and variety for our loyal customers. Our new menu has been designed to help customers enjoy those little moments of affordable luxury and relaxation during what is set to be a remarkably busy seasonal period. Whether that’s bringing back fan favourites, or introducing exciting new items with a modern twist, we hope there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.”

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