Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis shock passengers on economy flight

Kate Middleton decided to keep it simple on an economy flight

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton has arrived in Scotland with her two youngest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and the royals shocked passengers by taking an economy flight.

The TikTok user who spotted Kate, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis wrote: "On a flight to Scotland, Kate Middleton, both kids, nanny and security 2 rows in front of me. Could get a private jet or helicopter but keeping it simple, flying economy."

They added: "She even got up half way through the flight to get her daughter's iPad. And yes she was stunning, even gave me a smile while looking back at row behind her to talk to her son.

"No one on board took any photos or videos. Just a mum taking her children on holiday to see grandmother, but there was a buzz on board."

The Cambridges will be spending the final weeks of summer at the Queen's 50,000 acre Balmoral estate, where the monarch resides every summer.

Kate Middleton

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It's been a royal tradition for a number of decades for the royal family to spend the holidays there since Queen Victoria acquired the estate, and Her Majesty has followed suit, visiting as a young Princess, a young mother and then as a monarch.

Kate Middleton is known and loved for the ways she breaks royal tradition to modernise how she raises her family. 

Royal author Kate Nicholl recently explained on the Channel 5 documentary Kate: Our Queen in Waiting: “I think the brilliant thing about the Duchess of Cambridge is that she is bring a modern touch to the role, but while respecting all of the traditions that come with being a future Queen."

While royal journalist Victoria Murphy added: “The way that they’re bringing up their children actually really does emulate — much more strongly — Kate’s upbringing than William’s upbringing. It also offers a lot of ways in which to be relatable to the general public.”

That's why we love you, Kate!

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