Kate Middleton's 'ordeal' she 'overcame' just like Princess Diana at start of royal life

Kate Middleton's 'ordeal' faced at the start of her life as a royal was much like Princess Diana's, a royal expert says

Kate Middleton's 'ordeal'
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Kate Middleton's 'ordeal' that she had to get over when she first married Prince William has been highlighted by a royal expert, with the challenge being likened to the situation Princess Diana faced. 

Royal biographer, Andrew Morton, who famously penned Diana: Her True Story, has shone a light on Kate Middleton's early days as a member of the royal fold, pointing out the struggles she faced before she fell into place as a key member of the monarchy. 

The expert and author says that it takes time for anyone to settle into the incredibly unique life that comes with marrying into British royalty, adding that the public nature of it all wasn't something Duchess Catherine took in her stride at first—much like Princess Diana. 

Kate Middleton's 'ordeal'

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Speaking on the Pod Save The Queen podcast, Andrew recalled how the Duchess of Cambridge was quite the wallflower when she first met Prince William and found the public speaking aspect of royal engagements difficult. 

"Catherine was quite a shy person, so making speeches and being in public was something of an ordeal but I think she's overcome that," he said. 

"She reminds me so much of Diana. She struggled for a few years to come to terms with what it is like to be a princess." 

Kate Middleton's 'ordeal'

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Pointing out that the process of becoming fully immersed in the life of a working royal family member is a marathon rather than a sprint, Andrew continued to explain how the likes of Kate as well as Sophie the Duchess of Wessex have adapted over their years in the job. 

"Catherine Middleton has spent ten, twelve years coming to terms with it. So did Sophie Rhys-Jones and she's got a much lower profile - or did. It just takes a long time to absorb yourself into it."

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