Meghan Markle's six-word response to being told she's taken an 'unfathomable amount of sh*t' revealed in new podcast

Meghan Markle has responded to friend Jameela Jamil's continued support in the most unlikely way.

Meghan Markle split layout with Jameela Jamil
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Meghan Markle gave a six-word response to friend Jameela Jamil telling her she's dealt with an 'unfathomable amount of sh*t' during her new podcast.

The Duchess of Sussex chatted to Jameela Jamil on a new episode of her Archetypes podcast in which she discusses the way women activists are treated.

Jameela is known for being 'attacked for speaking up on important issues when she wasn't deemed to be the right person to be speaking up'. And although she admits she's made her own 'mistakes', Jameela, who is star of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, praises Meghan for taking all the criticisms thrown at her.

Speaking on the podcast Jameela, who also opened up on Meghan and Harry's relationship, said, "It's just it's an unfathomable amount of sh*t that you take, Meghan. And I can't believe it. And I fought back on your behalf years before I'd ever met you, because I was so outraged by a so outraged with the twisting of this very normal, very kind, very civilised woman. That demonisation just shows how afraid they are of you.

"And I'm sure maybe you can't keep this in or whatever, but the treatment of you and I'm so sorry you've had to withstand it. It has re-highlighted for us the intense and unkindness and bigotry and misogyny of our media and I think and I hope and I feel faith that the tides are changing because so many of us are fighting back.”

And Meghan simply replied, "Well, thank you for fighting back.”

Jameela also said Meghan reaches out to women privately who are struggling, telling the Duchess and listeners how much it's appreciated. "And you people don't know that you frequently reach out to women who are having a very very hard time privately," she revealed.

"You reach out to us.You don't do it publicly. You don't come to get any glory, but you privately reach out to us in our most lonely and desperate moments.And we need More of that in the world. And so, I just appreciate you and thank you for that because those are some hairy moments and I needed that guidance. So, thanks. Thanks mate."

During the podcast, Meghan also confirmed that there wasn't any NDA  keeping her from talking more openly about her time as a Duchess, but that she has just decided to hold back for now.

She added, "I can talk about my whole experience and make a choice not to,” she said, noting she hasn't yet because she's “still healing.”

You can listen to the full Archetypes Podcast on Spotify now.

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