The Queen's hilariously clever trick to get guests to dinner in a timely manner

Queen Elizabeth II's clever way she got guests to dinner promptly.

Queen Elizabeth II at dinner
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Queen Elizabeth II would often 'run down the corridor' to get her guests to dinner in a timely manner, according to a former royal Butler.

A former royal butler has recalled how the late majesty would often 'run down the corridor' to get her dinner guests to be seated quickly.

The former royal butler to King Charles III has opened up on some of his fondest memories of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and in her memory he has shared them with Goodtoknow on behalf of Onlinecasino.

Grant Harold has recalled the late Queen’s ‘amazing humour’ with an anecdote on how she once played a joke on some of her guests. He remembered, "With the Queen I used to hear about her sense of humour and the fact that sometimes you couldn’t tell if she was being serious or not and she had this amazing humour and sometimes she’d catch you off guard." 

He continued to explain, "So I’d heard about this, and I remember being with her in Scotland and one night I went in to announce dinner. I went to see her and I walked up, nodded my head and said ‘dinner is ready’ and there were other guests there. She walked out the room and she kind of looked back towards the room and nobody else had followed her."

Mr Harold went on to inform how royal protocol states that guests should follow or at least be in the dining room but he revealed they were all still in the other room chatting. 

Mr Harold continued, "So she ran down the corridor and I remember looking thinking ‘the Queen is running, what do I do?’ so I started running, well not running because I thought it would be rude to run as a butler so I kind of did a trot into the room and when we got in there she looked around and she smiled and I heard the rest of the guests running down the corridor to come in. She looked at me then she gave me a wink as if to say ‘how about that’. I was like ‘oh my god, you are so cool’, and I loved that. Everyone knew that’s what she was like, which I then discovered."

It comes after the Queen's dinner table rule was previously revealed.

The Queen walking to dinner with guests

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In sharing his other fondness of the Queen he added, "When they say she lit up a room, you went into the room and you knew she was in the room. You walked in and you could spot her and she was always so polite, so polite, always smiling and making a joke or comment." 

The Queen has been known to give a comical response even when finding a dead creature in her dinner.

And he revealed how she also had an eye for detail, he said, "Very observant, she noticed every detail. I used to get excited if I was on duty and she was there. To me it was brilliant, it was so exciting. On the observant part, when there was a state dinner or a banquet she would inspect the table. You’ve got an army of staff, but she would still go around the table to make sure it had been done correctly. She noticed things if something wasn’t right."

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