More sad news for the Queen as she loses close loved one

The Queen has faced another loss

The Queen sad news
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The Queen is facing more sad news, facing the loss of another close friend. 

The Queen and Lady Myra Butter formed their close friendship as children, attending Brownies and swimming together. 

The pair maintained their friendship for their entire lives, with Lady Myra being part of the Queen and Prince Philip's close circle of friends. 

Lady Butter, who was a descendent of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and poet Alexander Pushkin, opened up about meeting Her Majesty in their youth, recently telling The Telegraph, "In the Guides and the Brownies it was a real mixture, which was really nice. 

"Some friends, friends of [the family], and all the people in the Royal mews, their children, they were Brownies and Guides. Just a normal sort of pack really."

The Queen sad news

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Lady Butter also opened up about her perspective on the Queen and Prince Philip's long romance, having been by their side as a close friend throughout their 73-year marriage

Commenting on Prince Philip's loyalty to serving the Queen throughout his life, Lady Butter said that nobody could have done it better. 

Speaking on the day of his funeral, she said, "There's nobody, in my mind, who could have done that job. Nobody.

"Dedicated to it, and very intelligent and youthful. He was a step behind walking, but he was never a step behind as a person."

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