Prince George’s ‘sweet gesture’ at Christmas carol concert shows ‘he was born to be King,’ says body language expert

The young heir is growing quickly into his future role

Prince George
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A body language expert has shared how Prince George’s behaviour at his mother's Christmas carol concert proves 'he was born to be King,' and revealed how he is quickly growing into his future role as King.  

You may have thought the focus of Kate Middleton's Christmas carol concert would have been the Princess of Wales herself, or one of the many senior members of The Firm who hold prominent positions within the family. But for one expert at least, it was Prince George who stole the show. 

The ten-year-old Prince, who sits second in the royal line of succession, showed no signs of 'anxiety' or of needing 'reassurance' throughout the festivities, with body language expert Judi James saying his mature behaviour not only made his parents proud, but proves 'he was born to be King.'

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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Speaking to Fabulous, James revealed, "George’s body language is now very serious and adult. He no longer needs prompting or gestures of encouragement and endorsement."

And it wasn't just the expert who noticed this. Prince William, George's dad, did too. "When Prince George turned to look at his father, William [gave him a] suppressed mouth smile with puckering at the corners," she explained before adding that the 'soft eye smile' the father flashed his son showed just how proud he was of George and his mature, confident behaviour, and proved he knows his son was 'born to be King.'

"George naturally mirroring his father with no need of any anxious checking glances to confirm he’s getting everything right," she added. 

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

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But it wasn't just George who caught the expert's eye. Princess Charlotte, eight, also showed off her maturity as she helped keep her younger brother Prince Louis 'in control.'

"As the children walked into the courtyard it was Charlotte turning straight away to see to Louis, who had been distracted by something off to his left," she said. "It was telling that Charlotte now uses the kind of elegant hand gestures that her mother is known for, which suggests Kate is still very much her role-model."

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