Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s UK trip threatens to overshadow ‘big week’ for the Cambridges

Harry and Meghan will visit the UK in September

Harry and Meghan
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will visit the UK next month for the first time since the Platinum Jubilee, but it's set to 'overshadow' a big week for the Cambridges.

Harry and Meghan's brief tour starts in Manchester on September 5 for the One Young World Summit opening ceremony, where Meghan is expected to give a keynote address.

However, Victoria Murphy has noted that the week of the visit coincides with the Queen meeting the new Prime Minister of the country.

And in the same week, the Cambridges' children - Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George - are expected to enjoy a 'back to school' moment as they start at a new school near Windsor following Kate and William's move out of London.

Victoria told Palace Confidential that there had been "no liaising" between the Sussex staff and royal staff ahead of the trip, meaning that Harry and Meghan could overshadow other members of the royal family.

Palace Confidential host Luke Blackall said: "The staff at the Palace have to coordinate these diaries months in advance. How are they preparing for this visit so it doesn't overshadow all their work?"

Victoria then replied: "I think it is interesting because if the Sussexes were in the Royal Family, if they were working royals, and they were doing a royal tour, there would be liaising with other royal households about not doing anything that would overshadow a big moment while they were off doing their royal tour."

She added: "But because they are not in the royal household, there is no liaising at all between their staff and the royal staff.

"I think that week they are here is quote a busy royal week. You have the Queen meeting the new PM, usually a couple of days after they are announced which is smack bang in the middle of the visit.

"And we also have the Cambridges moving to Windsors and we will have kids starting at a new school. We will hear the name of the new school soon, but if there is a back-to-school moment, which I think there will be, that would be that week. It's going to be very busy!"

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