The subtle difference between how Kate Middleton parents Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The Princess of Wales has different ways of connecting with her two eldest children

Kate Middleton Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Wimbledon
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A body language expert has pointed out the subtle difference in how Kate Middleton approaches parenting with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and the differing types of communication are completely understandable. 

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the public have got to see a lot more of Prince George and Princess Charlotte as they've settled into the royal roles handed to them as second and third in the royal line of succession. They've taken to royal life as ducks to water, effortlessly capturing the hearts of the nation, and the mentoring from their mother, Kate Middleton, has likely been a huge helping hand during their engagements.  

Analysing the children's public days out, body language expert and leading behavioural expert Judi James has highlighted the interactions between them and Kate, sharing that the Princess takes differing approaches to parenting the two youngsters, likely due to their differing royal futures. 

Catherine, Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte

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Speaking to The Express, the expert shared that when speaking with Charlotte, Kate often tries to build up her daughter's 'enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement' with 'expressive gesticulation,' to help her become more involved with what's going on. 

And the parenting style appears to be working. “Judging from Charlotte’s facial expressions and body language, Kate could soon become redundant in this [motherly] role and start to just sit back and relax in public, as Charlotte looks the most enthralled member of the Royal Family," Judi shared. 

This moment, which Judi calls a 'turning point' in the pair's relationship, is a normal one for parents as children grow up and become more independent. “There’s a point in every parent-child relationship where there is a sense of friendship growing out of the nurturing role," she explained. 

"This happens when the parent begins to enjoy the communication and shared fun as much as the child, and this looks like that kind of turning point in Kate and Charlotte’s relationship. There’s a growing sense of like-minded enjoyment between Kate and her daughter as well as between Charlotte and her dad William, as the years progress.”

Kate Middleton and Prince George

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When it comes to parenting Prince George, Judi points out that Kate has a very different approach to the one she has with Charlotte. According to her, Kate speaks to her eldest son 'not just as a mother but as a mother of a future King of England.'

Using small gestures, like lowering herself to George’s height 'rather than crouching,' when she speaks to him, 'suggests she’s hosting rather than just parenting,' helping to prepare George for his future role as King

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