Who is Steve Miller the 'diet guru' and what is his weight loss method?

He's proven controverisal...

Steve Miller, who is Steve Miller
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Steve Miller is one of the most recognised faces in weight loss in the UK - so who exactly is he and what are his thoughts around weight loss?

You may well recognise Steve from This Morning, where he's appeared many times during debates around weight and weight loss - or Steve Miller is equally well known as the frontman of Fat Families - a Sky docmentary show charting the weight loss efforts of UK families.

Who is Steve Miller?

While Steve rose to prominence via his TV appearances, he actually opened his first weight loss practise in Birmingham in 2002 - focusing on Hypnotherapy weight loss.

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The weight loss guru has personal experience on the subject, having battled with weight himself previously.

As well as his TV appearances, he's also written a series of books, and works individually with clients, where he specialises in elements of mental health surrounding weight loss - such as anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss and confidence building.

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Professionally, according to his website, he is a Distinction Graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is registered with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

What is Steve Miller's weight loss method?

The weight loss guru appears to favour a hypnosis approach to weight loss, offering on his website audio clips to help people curb the habits that may cause them to put on weight.

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He also offers up strategies and techniques to help combat emotional eating or out-of-control eating habits. For example, one of Steve's methods are '21 immediate actions' which he claims will help with your food cravings.

Steve also claims that he used hypnosis for his own weight loss - which led to him losing over four stone.

On This Morning last year, he also revealed that he recommends an 80/20 'lifestyle plan'. He said, "Turn it into a regime of 80/20, eating 80% healthily, 20% a bit of what you fancy. And of course, portion control."

He also said that he recommends looking at a picture of yourself that you don't like, alongside an item of clothing that you want to fit into again, as a way of 'hypnotising' yourself.


Why has Steve Miller's weight loss methods caused controversy?

In Steve's own words, his approach is 'straight talking' and 'ballsy' - but such an attitude has proven controversial. He appeared on This Morning today to discuss link between coronavirus and people who are overweight.

Displaying his straight-to-the-point approach, he said, "It's not complicated. I don't think we should be putting the message out of how complicated it is, and blaming our genes. We seem to blame everybody except ourselves.

"It's about saying, there is something you can do. Weight loss is a state of mind. The reason this country is getting fatter is because we suffer with 'can't be bothered-itis'.

"If you are fat, you are on death row. Sorry guys, that is the truth," he said.

Some fans were disappointed with his suggestions, with one saying, "his comments this morning were unforgivable!", while another asked, "Who was that ignorant rude man ! . .......is he a medical man ?"

Dr Phillippa Kaye responded, saying, "First of all, if I can just rebutt something, which is to say...Steve was talking about how it's just a state of mind [weight loss]. The evidence is really clear. Only one in 20 people who are obese will be able to lose the weight by diet and exercise alone."

What do you think of Steve Miller?

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