Strictly Come Dancing’s Ranvir Singh on ‘sizzling’ chemistry with Giovanni Pernice

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  • Good Morning Britain star, Ranvir Singh, has said to be hit by the Strictly Come Dancing “curse” would be a “bl**y miracle” as she discusses “sizzling” chemistry with Giovanni Pernice.

    Ranvir Singh and her Good Morning Britain co-hosts

    Ranvir Singh is a Political Correspondent at Good Morning Britain

    The TV star stunned in Saturday night’s episode of Strictly – just one week after Prince Harry made a surprise appearance – as she performed a fiery Argentine Tango with Giovanni – and fans went wild over their palpable chemistry.

    One fan of the show tweeted, “Passion, connection and chemistry@ranvir01 and @pernicegiovann1 have shown us perfection in their Argentine Tango.”

    Another said, “‘I’m far too hot and bothered over Ranvir and Giovanni! Their chemistry is OFF THE SCALE.”

    But for mum-of-one Ranvir, it’s all part of the programme. She gushed, “Giovanni is so amazing, he doesn’t need me to be sensational. He sizzles all by himself. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in the room or not, he’s sizzling away. The dances are all about being romantic and, of course, we have to make them convincing.

    “You’ve got to be game when you take part in Strictly. You can’t do things halfheartedly. I admit, it doesn’t come easily. You have to break down some of your own barriers and do things that can feel embarrassing at first.”

    Having made a living from being a serious-faced Political News correspondent, it’s very different for Ranvir.

    “It’s very intimate,” the 43-year-old explained. “Then your face is right in their face. It’s taken a bit of getting used to.”

    And the show is having a real impact on her confidence. Including the way she feels about her body.

    Ranvir revealed, “I’ve always struggled with body image. Before I started Strictly, I was a bit of a yo-yoer with my weight and I’d always be on the scales. But dancing has helped me relate to my body in a new way. I haven’t thought about dress sizes or calories or my weight for weeks.

    “It’s not about the weight any more, it’s the fact I feel confident in my own skin. I walk differently and hold myself differently.”

    On rumours she’s been hit by the allusive “curse,” she joked, “If I got hit by the curse, it would be a bloody miracle. Oh my God, that would be hilarious. Most of the dancers were born in 1990 or something. I’m old enough to be their mother. It’s very optimistic and complimentary that anyone would think I would be struck by the curse.”


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