The Bear season 2 ending explained - and will there be a season 3?

Here's what happened at the restaurant opening in The Bear season 2 - and what could happen next...

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Viewers who have binge-watched the show since it landed on Disney+ are looking to have the ending of The Bear season 2 explained.

Those who have been waiting for The Bear season 2 to come out in the UK don't have to wait any longer, now that the much-anticipated series has arrived on Disney+. The popular comedy drama has had viewers gripped as chef Carmy and his team get ready to reopen The Beef restaurant as a new venue called The Bear - leaving many wanting to know if The Bear is a true story.

Not long ago fans were needing a season 1 recap of The Bear, but now that many viewers have made it through the full season, fans have questions about the final episode and what could happen next. Here's everything we know about opening night on The Bear...

The Bear season 2 ending explained

The ending of The Bear season 2 sees many of the show's main characters wrap up their journeys. Most of the characters are happy, after an overall successful opening night for the restaurant, but the final scenes hint at some trouble around the corner for Carmy.

He spends much of the night locked in the walk-in fridge, after appearing to suffer a breakdown because of the pressure he put himself under and the trauma he suffered at the hands of his ruthless former boss. He laments that everything that has gone wrong in the restaurant is his fault, because he had gotten involved in a romantic relationship.

When opening night is over, Carmy checks his voicemail to find a message from new girlfriend Claire, who had a sudden urge to call him while she was at work earlier in the day. She tells him she's proud of him, and that his brother (who took his own life ahead of season one) would be too, before saying "I love you" for the first time. But after blaming his relationship for being the reason he took his eye off the ball, Carmy might already have ruined his chances.

Towards the end of the episode, Carmy's number two Sydney has also resolved the tension between her and dessert chef Marcus, after he asked her on a date. But what Marcus doesn't realise is that he's missed several calls from his ill mother's nurse, hinting that something might have happened to his bedridden mother, who he's been looking after all season.

Meanwhile, Sydney finally gets the moment of validation that she has been craving. Her father, who has visited the new restaurant for 'Friends and Family Night', finally accepts that working in a kitchen is what she was meant to do.

Richie also gets his moment in the spotlight, as the face of calm when things begin to go wrong in the kitchen. Despite being resentful that his close friend Mikey left the restaurant to Carmy, and resisting his new management style, he helps Sydney save opening night after Carmy gets locked in the fridge.

Another storyline that reaches a crucial point is Natalie's (aka Sugar). Her husband Pete spots, Donna, who is Sugar and Carmy's mother, smoking outside the restaurant. He tries to convince her to come in, but she refuses, not wanting to spoil the night. Pete mentions the baby to Donna, but when Donna doesn't know what he's talking about, he realises that Sugar never told her mum she's pregnant.

What happened at the end of The Bear season 2?

The final episode of The Bear sees the new restaurant open for 'Friends and Family Night'. And though the evening starts relatively calm, things quickly begin to go wrong in the kitchen.

One of the new hires, Josh, has gone missing, Marcus and Sydney are having trouble communicating after she rejected him, the restaurant has run out of clean forks, they're down 12 baskets of bread, and the clogged toilet has exploded on Natalie.

Meanwhile, Carmy is struggling with self-doubt and the criticism he faced in his past jobs, which leads to him hallucinating that his old boss is sitting in the back of the restaurant.

Things go from bad to worse when he ends up locked in the walk-in fridge that he'd been refusing to fix all season, after Marcus breaks the faulty handle off. As Sydney begins to panic, Richie steps up to help her and the pair manage to get everything under control.

At the end of the night, Carmy is still locked in the fridge and, believing Tina is on the other side of the door, blames himself for the things that went wrong because he had gotten into a relationship with Claire, leading him to neglect the restaurant. Little does he know that it's actually Claire on the other side of the door, having come back to check on him. "I'm sorry you feel that way, Carm" Claire says, leaving him shouting after her.

Just as Claire is on her way out, Richie comes in and he and Carmy berate each other through the fridge door, before Carmy checks his phone and listens to the voicemail from Claire, making him realise what he may have just lost.

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What is the chocolate banana in The Bear

The chocolate banana in the final episode refers to episode six of The Bear season two, in which Uncle Jimmy talks to Richie's then-wife Tiff about how his dad would take him to a chocolate banana stand when he was a kid, something he remembers to this day.

Telling Tiff about the chocolate bananas, Uncle Jimmy says, "On the drive out here we actually passed the stand my dad used to take me to get 'em. I swear to god I could smell 'em, you know? And him.

"It’s weird, right? We remember smells. Cologne. Anyway, it's kinda been sitting with me, you know? Sitting on my chest. All of a sudden after all these years I’m missing that fat f***?"

Richie and Uncle Jimmy certainly haven't seen eye to eye during The Bear, but after the former's newfound appreciation for customer service, he arranges a special dessert for him, and sends the chocolate banana over on the house.

Will there be a season 3 of The Bear?

FX and Hulu have yet to announce whether The Bear will return for a third season, but the ending of season 2 seems to set up the show for more episodes in the future.

Will Carmy finally heal himself and make peace with his past trauma by spending time outside the kitchen? And can he trust his team to look after his restaurant without him?

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