Wanted Down Under where are they now?

As the BBC re-runs the iconic series of Wanted Down Under, fans wonder where are they now?

Wanted Down Under Australia, Wanted Down Under where are they now?
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Fans on BBC show Wanted Down Under are wondering where are they now as the broadcaster re-runs the show.

Earlier this week the BBC continued to re-run Series 14 of Wanted Down Under, which originally aired back in February 2020, and it follows the journey of the latest families - with the Pinder Family - (Series 14 Episode 13), as fans ask where are they now? 

We reveal what happened next...

Wanted Down Under where are they now?

The Pinder family - where are they now?

The Pinder family have chosen not to move for the moment as it is not the right time for them, despite returning home ready to take the next step in planning their move. To re-cap their story, when her visa ran out, Rebecca had to leave Australia. Wife Rachel was reluctant to leave but now is glad they are back in the UK. But Rebecca would return in a heartbeat - she just has to convince Rachel that leaving everyone and everything she loves in the UK is worth it.

Rachel received a job offer while they were out in Perth, and started the application as soon as they got home. It took 6 months, but the Australian Royal College of GPs finally accept the application!

But since then Rachel’s grandmother has been in poor health. Realising how far they would be from family, the Pinders pulled out of their visa application. It was a difficult decision, but they have chosen not to move for the moment as it is not the right time for them.

Wanted Down Under

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The Larkin Family - where are they now? (S14 ep14)

Since returning home to Wales the Anna and Aaron Larkin have been 100% dedicated to making the move to Australia. 

For anyone who needs a re-cap of their story, Anna Larkin wanted the best for her baby and believes Australia will offer her the perfect lifestyle. But husband Aaron isn’t signing up for this ambitious adventure just yet. Can a trial week in Brisbane convince him it’s worth risking everything they have in the UK for a dream that may or may not come true?

After lots of paperwork Anne is now registered to work as a Physiotherapist in Australia. Having contacted the Australia Government about permanent visas, they're waiting with bated breath. They have managed to line up a visa advisor lined to complete the application.

Xander is growing up fast! Aaron and Anne look forward to extending the family once they start their new lives in Australia.

Wanted Down Under - where are they now?

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The Onaivi family - where are they now? (S14 ep15)

Joe and Krystyn welcomed baby boy Asher in October 2019! Now a family of 5, they have bought a new four bedroom house in Newcastle. Joe now works away in Norway in an industry he loves

To recap their story, the Onaivi family are well and truly at odds when to comes to where they want to spend their lives. Mum Krystyn wants to give her children the sunshine lifestyle she loved as a child by moving to Australia, but husband Joseph is more than happy with his life in the UK. A trial week in Perth gives them the chance to look at the homes, jobs and lifestyle on offer, but will it give them answers or drive them further apart?

With all the massive changes in their lives, Krystyn has had to reconsider. In the end the Oniavi's decided it would be best to sacrifice the dream of moving to Australia.

Wanted Down Under

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The West Andrews family - where are they now? (S14, Ep16)

Following their time in Australia, Nicola and Jake are more determined than ever to make the move - but still currently in England, they are busy planning and hope to be in Australia in the next two years.

To recap their story, like most parents, Nicola West and Jake Andrews dream of giving their little daughter Auri the best start in life they can, even if it means leaving home. But Nicola is scared of hurting her loved ones by taking her daughter far away. Will a week in Brisbane checking out the homes, jobs and lifestyles on offer help them decide whether to make a move once and for all?

The first step is for Nicola to take the IELTS English exam, which she aims to do in the next few months. This would allow West Andrews to begin the visa application process.

We'll be waiting to see if the next couple of years all go according to plan!

Wanted Down Under

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The Hornett Family - where are they now? (S14, ep17)

The Hornett family fell in love with Australia, and everything it had to offer but while they would love to follow their dream of moving there, they're not sure the time is right. Right now they feel that they couldn't leave Joanna's father behind.

To recap on their story, ever since travelling to Australia as a young man, Simon Hornett has dreamed of making it his home. But his wife Joanna has strong emotional ties to the UK that she would find very hard to break. A trial week dipping their toes into Brisbane life shows the whole family what’s on offer, but is it enough to persuade Jo to up sticks and go?

Instead, they have continued to renovate the family home. They've resolved to renew their appreciation of everything they have in the UK: home, family and friends

Lily is keen to be a marine biologist! She sees her future in Australia, following her dream of working with Dolphins. Simon continues to work all the hours available, and the family all still miss him like crazy.

We'll keep an eye on the Hornetts as they wait for the "right time" for their family.

Wanted Down Under

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The Chatterje family - where are they now? (s14, ep18)

Once back home, both mum Rachael and son Harry decided they'd stay in the UK. To recap their story, Rachael wanted to give son Harry what she believes will be the best upbringing for him, and that is to grow up in the warmth and sunshine down under. A trial week gives mum and son the opportunity to sample homes, jobs, schools and lifestyle in Brisbane, but will it live up to expectations or will the week finally reveal that any move to Australia will create more problems than it will solve?

But Rachael felt much more isolated than she'd thought she would be - too far away from family. They are both so grateful for the trial week, putting to bed the notion of a move once and for all. It was the right decision; she and Harry are happier and more contented than ever.

Harry is starting secondary school and looking forward to it. Their picture perfect home is on the market and they're looking for something bigger. Having let Australia go, Rachael has freed up her brain for other projects and ideas. Both are living life in Brighton to the full!

Wanted Down Under

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The Edwards Family - where are they now? (s14 ep19)

It is not known what the Edwards family decided to do about their Australian dilemma. To re-cap their story, Shana Edwards has dreamt of living in Australia for years and is now determined to make it come true. While husband Philip is not quite sure, it's the couple's older children who are adamant that this family is not for going. A trial week in Perth gives Shana the chance to change their minds, but will it be enough to persuade all the Edwards to go?

Wanted Down Under

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The Bolams - where are they now? (s14, ep20)

After their trial week in Perth, the Bolams extended their trip down under. In Melbourne, they met with a Welsh couple who had recently made the move. It confirmed what their trial week had shown them, Australia was definitely for them!

To re-cap their story, when Danielle met Carl they each knew they had found their soul mate, agreeing on just about everything, including a move to Australia. But after a recent health scare in their family, Carl is not so sure he can be separated from those he loves. A trial week down under is a chance to explore whether Perth could be part of their plans before they have to vote whether or not to make the move.

Back in the UK, Danielle started applying for jobs and struck gold! She received an offer for a social worker position, including sponsorship in Melbourne.

Not ones to turn down such a great offer, the Bolams are heading out in February 2019. Upon arrival, they plan to rent a temporary home while they hunt for the perfect permanent spot. Carl is also in touch with an Australian contact to help his own job search once they’ve arrived.

They're both excited and can’t wait to make the move, despite the fair bit of packing to do before they get there!

Wanted Down Under

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You can watch some episodes of Wanted Down Under on the BBC iPlayer.

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