What is Fastest Finger First? Where to watch it and how to play explained

Anita Rani is host of a brand new spin-off quiz show as we look at what it's all about...

What is Fastest Finger First?
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A new quiz gameshow is coming to TV screens and you might wonder where you've seen it before as fans are asking what is Fastest Finger First?

Countryfile presenter Anita Rani is host of the new quiz show and it's bound to generate some hilarious TV quiz show answers as contestants compete to answer in the quickest time.

With many 90s gameshows making a return over the years, there's a twist on this latest spin-off as we look at all you need to know about Fastest Finger First...

What is Fastest Finger First?

Fastest Finger First is a new quiz show where five contestants answer questions but they must get them right in the quickest time in order to proceed with the chance to win a guaranteed place on the new series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, where they’ll sit opposite Jeremy Clarkson and the chance to play for one million pounds.

The spin-off, devised by Stellify’s joint MD’s, Matthew Worthy and Kieran Doherty and developed in association with Sony Pictures Television, was born out of the fact that a phenomenal amount of people apply to be on the show each year and just getting onto Millionaire is like winning a prize in itself. As the name suggests, Fastest Finger First will expand on the first round of Millionaire, where contestants have to put their answers to a multiple-choice question, in a specific order. 

Five contestants play against each other to take it in turn to work their way up the question ladder. The two players with the biggest score at the end of the round go head-to-head in a Fastest Finger First dual. At the end of each episode, whoever is in the seat when the Klaxon sounds has won a place to be fast tracked to sit in the Millionaire hot seat in front of Jeremy Clarkson by-passing the usual Fastest Fingers First round that opens the show.

Fastest Finger First, What is Fastest Finger First?

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Where can I watch the fastest finger first?

You can watch Fastest Finger First on ITV weekdays from 4.30-5.30pm starting on Monday 29th August. You can also watch an hour later on ITV+1 or on catchup via the ITVhub. Anita Rani is host of the show and she said, “I’ve always loved Who Wants To Be A Millionaire…? and was thrilled to be invited to host this spin off. I’m a huge fan of quiz shows, and there is no doubt that Jeremy is a formidable host. I’m just relieved in Fastest Finger First, there isn’t a round for contestants to ask for my answers to the questions!”

How many questions are on the Fastest Finger First?

There are 12 questions on the ladder of Fastest Finger First in which five contestants compete to make their way up the ladder. At the end of that round, the two people with the highest score go head to head in a dual and the person who is in the seat when the klaxon sounds gets a place on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire where there are 15 questions that stand between them and the jackpot.

Fastest Finger First, What is Fastest Finger First?

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What is the quickest finger to use?

The quickest finger is said to be the index and middle finger on the dominant hand. This is said to be the fastest finger in terms of higher tapping rates - with the little fingers ranked the slowest, according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine. It further claimed that "all dominant-hand fingers, except little finger, had higher tapping rates than the fastest finger of the dominant hand during a set of tapping tasks. So if you're lucky enough to get a place on Fastest Finger first you might want to practice using your fastest finger.

Fastest Finger First airs on Monday 29th August at 4.30pm on ITV.

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