8 signs you’re actually the man of the house

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  • We love our other halves, they’re a lovely bunch, but do you ever think that maybe, just maybe, you might be the man of the house?

    They have their uses but, be honest, how often do you find yourself sighing and saying ‘OK, I’ll do it.’

    If you can identify with these 8 signs, then the ruling is concrete, you are the man of the house (just maybe don’t tell him that…)

    1. You deal with all spider/wasp/insect incidents

    Ever wonder why you’ve never seen your other half tackle a insect situation – one very good reason, they’re terrified of them.

    2. The same goes for getting rid of mice

    Despite mice being tiny in comparison to your partner’s size (much like this cat/dog situation) they are terrified by these little rodents and guess who has to take care of them?

    3. You always take out the rubbish

    Arguably a man’s job (although we’re sure there will be plenty of arguments), you know that to get anything done properly, you’ve got to do it yourself.

    4. The only toolbox in the house is yours

    Drain blocked? Plug need changing? You don’t need to call a man, you’ve got just the tool for it.

    5. You’ve got the biggest appetite in the family

    You can clear your own plate, the kids’ leftovers and your partner’s second portion without batting an eyelid. Being a mum is hungry work.

    6. And your other half diets more than you

    Diet? No thanks. Hand me the takeaway menu would you, love?

    7. You don’t dare let your other half have a go at the DIY

    Knowing that if they do your latest home improvement will look like this.

    8. You are in charge

    Your other half’s favourite phrase is ‘Ask your mother’ – says it all really. You’re the boss.

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