9 ways your life was exactly the same as Frozen

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  • You’ve been subjected to watching it more times than you care to remember, but then again you kind of enjoy it more every time, yes we’re talking about Frozen. The Disney film everyone is going wild for is more than just a kids’ film to you, it’s also a startling reflection of your life.

    In the wake of its release we have started to notice more and more parallels between the film and our lives. Is it just us, or are braids slowly taking over our lives? Isn’t there a little bit of Elsa in everyone and why do we sometimes feel like Olaf is a small, snowy cute version of our brains?

    These are the nine times our life has basically been a scene from Frozen…

    1. Winter isn’t cute, you and Elsa know that

    It forces you into isolation and makes you miserable. It ruins everything and absolutely nobody likes the constant sensation of cold toes, not even the ice princess Elsa, we bet.

    2. Your real life is actually very different to how it appears

    Do people seriously think you ever wear all those clothes or makeup in the comfort of your own home? Only pyjamas, a bun and a bare face will only do for relaxing, that nice outfit you’re wearing gets thrown on the floor as soon as you get through the door. You can understand Elsa hiding from the world, she was probably having a great time in that room all those years not having to impress anyone!

    3. You’re always late

    Because more beauty sleep is never a bad thing, no matter how rushed it makes your morning. If princesses aren’t morning people either then that is a natural explanation as to why you find it so hard to raise your head from your pillow- you are a princess too, and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

    4. You think everyone’s crazy

    Even though you’re the one who is probably slightly mad. Ringing any bells, little talking snowman?

    5. Your sister is your best friend

    Even though you fight and argue you can’t help but love your sister. She always has and always will be your best friend who knows you better than anyone else and will always help you out of tricky spots.

    6. You’re easily confused

    If Frozen has taught us one thing it’s that life’s never prefect, and that’s okay. It’s the very thing that makes life so much fun.

    7. You REALLY suit braids

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    And thanks to Frozen you now spend a good proportion of your week practicing new ways to wear your hair in fabulously plaited hairstyles. Or giving in to your daughter’s requests to look like Anna/Elsa nearly every day.

    8. You’re an independant woman

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    You don’t need or want a man to save you, you’re the boss here.

    9. You are never allowed to sleep in

    And you can’t put into words how unjust this is. Why are there always little people wanting you to be awake at unsociable hours? Go away Anna, being up early isn’t fun!

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