Mum’s emotional pregnancy reveal for her deaf husband has gone viral

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  • From the silent shock to the tears of joy, every man reacts differently to the news that their partner is expecting, but they all have one thing in common – the absolute overwhelming happiness they feel when the news has finally sunk in!

    When mum-to-be Brittany LeBlanc discovered she was pregnant, she decided to reveal the news to her husband with an emotional surprise.

    On 8 October 2015, Brittany, who is from Louisiana, USA, took two positive pregnancy tests and decided she had to tell her husband later that day.

    But because Brittany’s husband, David, is deaf and uses American Sign Language she wanted to leave visual clues about their new baby rather than a traditional reveal.

    The film begins with David being handed a green gift bag, and he signs to his spouse and the camera; ‘From my wife Britt. I wonder what’s in it…paper…more paper…something in the paper.’

    Recorded in their living room, they never expected the video to go viral, as it now has over 700,000 views worldwide.

    David slowly unwraps the presents inside the bag, the first is a Baby Ruth bar – an American chocolate bar – hinting at their new family member.

    The second item (and not-so-subtle hint) is a Dad’s Root beer, which causes David to look even more confused.

    The penny finally drops as he rummages to the bottom of the bag where Brittany has wrapped her two positive pregnancy tests.

    His wife giggles as he visibly wells up and asks – ‘You’re pregnant?’ – and she responds by handing him a card, which says; ‘Surprise Daddy!’

    Congratulations guys!

    But wait – there’s more!

    If David’s reaction didn’t get you welling up, you’ll definitely need tissues at the ready for these other clips!

    This super cute clip got us thinking, how did our other half react when we broke the news?

    We’ve found a few videos which we think sum up the range of emotions a man feels when he hears a baby’s on the way.

    Yes most of these are American so their reactions are a little more extreme than us tight-lipped Brits, but we think they perfectly show one of the happiest, surreal moments of a person’s life.

    1. The stunned reaction

    … no I’m not lying.

    2. The chilled reaction

    … cool, so totally ready for this, then?

    3. The laughing reaction

    … okay, a little manic but at least you’re excited!

    4. The disbelieving reaction

    … why would I lie?

    5. The eerily calm reaction

    … erm… did you hear me?

    6. The silent reaction

    … are you going to say something?

    7. The content reaction

    … is this because you’re sleeping or just really happy?

    8. The delayed reaction

    … come on… work it out.

    9. The sweary reaction (Contains swearing)

    … at least I know you’re surprised!

    10. The loud reaction

    …cute, but this isn’t a football game.

    11. The instantly excited reaction

    … wow.

    We’re sure all men are as excited as this fella, it just takes them a little longer to express it.

    12. The emotional reaction

    There’s something in our eyes…

    13. The EVEN MORE emotional reaction

    Is someone chopping onions? *sob*

    14. Our favourite reaction of all

    There wasn’t a dry eye in the GoodtoKnow office after watching that one…

    Which number sums up your other half’s reaction? Or did we miss one? Tell us below…

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