Mum’s GENIUS nappy hack could make changing your baby easier than ever

Mum nappy hack
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A mum has made a genius discovery when changing nappies, and it involves a hidden pocket she hadn't spotted before.

Claire Colman has discovered a nappy hack that could be life changing for parents everywhere.

In fact, Claire found a way for parents to dispose of their baby’s nappies without the need for nappy sacks.

Taking to Facebook, she explained how parents could have a much speedier, and more eco-friendly change in minutes.

Claire noticed a mystery pocket on her children’s nappies, but never understood its purpose nor did the packaging ever explain what it was.

Nappies are an essential baby product, but what exactly is that mystery pocket? Thanks to Claire, now we know!

Captioning the video, she said, ‘Nearly 4 years of changing nappies and I’ve only just discovered this. #whoknew'

‘Close the nappy and starting from the bottom, fold or roll the nappy upwards.

‘As the pockets are on both sides of the nappy it makes no difference which side you roll.

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‘Grab the bottom of the pocket and lift up. It might take a few attempts as they can be stuck down quite well. 

‘Wrap the pocket around the nappy and dispose.’ 

The mum of two now uses this incredible parenting hack daily and thinks it has been life changing. 

Editing the post she told parents what nappies she’d been using, adding, ‘These are Asda’s size 5 pull ups for those asking. We also get the Aldi version which do it too.

Oh and it still works when the sides are ripped open.’

Although she was quick to tell parents to use their own judgement as rolling isn't always practical.

Claire revealed, ‘Sometimes folding/rolling the nappy just isn’t going to work and it just needs straight up bagging and binning.’

Claire said the response on social media has been overwhelming, and has helped to educate parents.

One viewer commented, ‘I always wondered why the little angles ones never tied. This is why lol.’

Another said, ‘There is a purpose to that flap! Who knew haha!’

And a third added, ‘Stop it!! I always thought it was weird you couldn't seal them somehow. So much better than the tab!’

Will you be trying this genius nappy hack? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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