Australia's top baby names of 2022 have been revealed and gender-neutral names are on the up

Gender-neutral names are becoming more popular for Australia's babies, according to new research

Gender-neutral baby names on the rise in Australia
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Gender-neutral monikers are on the rise, according to new research on Australia's most popular baby names. 

It's been over a year since the list of Britain's most popular baby names was revealed, which means one thing - it's time for another round-up. 

The ONS research showed that Olivia has held the top spot as the favorite girls' moniker since 2016, while its masculine equivalent, Oliver, has been knocked to runner-up after being beaten by 'Noah'. 

Recent findings have also shown royal baby names to be making a comeback, along with unique baby names, such as Lovella and Nyla. 

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As has always been the case, the media has also influenced parents' decisions on what to call their little ones. 

Bridgerton-inspired baby names are soaring in the aftermath of the Netflix show's popularity, while iconic Disney names, such as Bambi and Buzz, are also seeing a renaissance on birth certificates across the world. Celebrity-inspired names, including Leo (Leonardo Di Caprio) and Willow (Willow Smith), are other examples of how popular culture continues to shape our schools' rollcalls. 

If that wasn't enough to get you excited, Australia's most popular baby names of 2022 have now officially been revealed in data conducted by McCrindle Research

The title of the most popular name for girls, which belonged to Isla in 2021, was won by Charlotte this year. The sweet French-inspired moniker, which saw a rise in popularity following the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015, was given to 1395 babies in Australia last year. Meanwhile, 'Oliver' was declared the favorite name for boys after it was bestowed onto a whopping 2,276 babies. 

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The list of the 100 most popular names welcomed 12 new additions, including Remy, Roman, Alfie, Reuben, Koa, Louie, Tomm,  Eliana, Thea, Margot, Maisie, and Gracie. 

Gender-neutral names are also growing in popularity, with names like Charlie, Riley, Casey, and Morgan all climbing the ranks of the top 100 list.

Elsewhere in the report, it was revealed that parents are getting creative in small ways when naming their child, such as how the moniker is spelled. 

It also said that "traditionally English names" remain very popular in Australia, with Jack, William, James, and George all making the top 30 list. Meanwhile, the three fastest-growing boy names over the past 10 years - Luca, Leo, and Hugo, are all non-English. 

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