Leif and Nova are just two of the 20 spring-themed baby names sure to stand out on the class register - would you choose one?

These names are perfect for an Easter baby

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Looking for a unique name that's perfect for a spring baby? These 20 options are sure to stand out.

Settling on a baby name is a big milestone for expectant parents, but with so many to choose from - and the weight of the knowledge that your little one will have it for the rest of their life - it's not an easy decision. Some like to opt for a name that's reflective of the month or time that their baby was born (think Christmas baby names in December) and with spring now here, we think there's going to be a boom in nature baby names very soon.

But for parents after a more unique baby name, they might be on the hunt for lesser-known floral baby names, rather than timeless classics such as Daisy, Poppy and Lily. If that sounds like you, the good news is that personalised gift experts, Getting Personal, have analysed ONS data to reveal 20 lesser-known spring-themed baby names that haven’t been featured in the top 100 most popular names for decades - if ever.

20 lesser-known spring baby names

Spring baby names for girls

  1. Claire - once popular during the 80’s and 90’s, Claire has a French origin with the beautiful meaning "bright, clear".
  2. Oona - this Irish variation of Una, meaning "lamb" is a unique take on nature-themed spring names.
  3. Raine - has deeply natural connotations as a variation of Rain, this name is also of French origin meaning "queen".
  4. May - is a sweet name that hasn't been on the national charts in several decades, but has a fresh and springlike feel given its ties to the month.
  5. Gaia - from Greek origin, this name means "earth mother; rejoicing", perfect for those looking for natural ties.
  6. Una - like Oona, the name Una is of Latin origin meaning "one; lamb; happy". The Oona spelling is slightly more popular but Una is a little sleeker.
  7. Blossom - a more unusual take on the popular spring flower names, Blossom actually means “to bloom” and is the act of coming into flower.
  8. April - another spring month name, April has a Latin origin meaning "to open", perfect for the beginning of a new season and fresh beginnings.
  9. Flora - is the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, renowned for their eternal youth.
  10. Nova - has a double meaning, not only from the Latin origin meaning “new” but also being the astrological term for a star.

Spring baby names for boys

  1. Ryo - a name of Japanese origin, it has multiple meanings including both “refreshing” and “reality” making it perfect for welcoming in new beginnings.
  2. Aries - the star sign of some spring babies but it is also the first star sign of the new astrological year. Those with Aries star signs often welcome new possibilities- perfect for spring.
  3. Pascal - has both French and English origins meaning "of the Passover; Easter". This could be an interesting choice for those with Gallic roots.
  4. Leif - has a natural aural association with the word leaf making it ideal for the season of new growth. It also has a Scandinavian origin meaning "heir, descendant".
  5. Arun - is a name of Indian origin and in Sanskrit, it means "dawn", describing the rich, red, and earthy colours of the morning sunrise.
  6. Neo - meaning "new or gift" has a Latin origin. In the Southern African language of Tswana, it is also a unisex name meaning "gift".
  7. Xavier - of Arabic, Basque origin, this strong-sounding name means “new house”, again a perfect name to celebrate fresh beginnings.
  8. Axel - has Scandinavian origins and a meaning of "father of peace" giving it biblical ties that associate it with Easter, an important Spring festival for Christians.
  9. River - another nature baby name with more subtle ties to the season. It brings with it associations with ever-flowing change, energy and life.
  10. Robin - a bird often seen during the spring months, Robin also means "bright fame".

Abby Davidson, personalisation expert at Getting Personal said: "Spring is a season associated with renewal, growth, and freshness. Therefore, it’s only natural that names inspired by spring can symbolise new beginnings, hope, and optimism, qualities which any parent would wish for their children.

"Of course, spring is also known for its natural beauty but it is also generally a time of joy and happiness after the cold winter months and therefore spring names bring to mind feelings of warmth, happiness, and positivity."

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