15 of the best-selling baby products of all time

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  • While technology may have come on leaps and bounds since we were kids, parenting remains practically the same as it did in the days of our parents and grandparents. 21st century parents still find themselves faced with that scary situation of having a newborn in their arms for the first time and wondering how on earth they’re going to look after them.

    Here’s a little something that will help; Amazon has shared 15 of its best-selling baby products ever, over the past 15 years. From teethers to toys to nappy disposal, new parents are still reliant on the same things now as they were 15 years ago, and in fact one of the top products has been in production for over 50 years!

    So if you’ve got a little one on the way and are feeling out of your depth looking for everything from the best baby walkers to safety gates, have a look through Amazon’s best baby products and see what other new mums are buying!

    1. Angelcare Nappy Disposal System Refill Cassettes

    These refill cassettes are great at keeping nasty odours at bay and mean you’ll never have to touch those used nappies ever again!
    How much? £12.99 on Amazon.

    2.Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

    The perfect, rattly, chewable toy to keep your baby entertained.
    How much? £10.17 on Amazon.

    3. Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer

    This clever little gadget teaches your little one how to know when it’s
    time to get up, even when they’re too young to understand how to tell
    the time.
    How much? £19.99 on Amazon.

    4. Tomy Hide-n-Squeak Eggs

    How cute are these little characters? Your little one can learn about
    size and shapes through how the eggs fit into their egg box. Plus, press them and they’ll cheep!
    How much? £7.00 on Amazon.

    5. Sophie the Giraffe Original Teether

    This gentle giraffe was originally made back in 1961, and it’s still
    just as in demand today! It’s easy for baby to hold and soothes sore
    How much? £11.99 on Amazon.

    6. VTech First Steps Baby Walker

    This baby walker has so much to do on it we’re surprised any walking
    ever gets done! But they’ll love taking it around the room with them to
    play with any time.
    How much? £35.99 on Amazon.

    7. Gro-Anywhere Blackout Blind

    This blind works on suction pads so it can be put up practically anywhere, in minutes, genius!
    How much? £22.49 on Amazon.

    8. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

    Discreet pads that fit snugly and won’t show through your clothing, which come with sticky strips to hold them in place.
    How much? £7.39 on Amazon.

    9. Venture Q-Fix Extra Tall Pressure Fit Pet Safety Gate

    This safety gate has a brilliant one hand open feature with safety locking. The pressure mounted ‘wall saver’ design means you won’t need any complicated tools to set it up. Plus it’s adjustable to fit doorways between 75cm and 84cm.
    How much? £34.99 on Amazon.

    10. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Triple Pack Cassettes

    More nappy disposal products! Tommee Tippee’s cassettes feature an antibacterial film which kills 99% of germs on contact.
    How much? £12.99 on Amazon.

    11. Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattle and Footfinder Set

    The bright and fun colours on these soft toys will be really appealing to baby, and as they wear them on their feet and wrists it will help them to develop eye – hand coordination.
    How much? £11.47 on Amazon.

    12. Clippasafe Bath Toy Bag

    All mums know what a nightmare the bathroom can become once you have kids, but this nifty little product will stop your bath from becoming a booby trap by keeping all the kids’ toys neat and tidy. Oh and it’s washable too.
    How much? £3.99 on Amazon.

    13. Bickiepegs Doidy Cup

    The clever design encourages little ones to drink from the rim of the cup. When they drink from the taller edge it means they can easily see the contents of their cup without having to tip their head too much. How clever!
    How much? £4.80 on Amazon.

    14. BabyDan Child Safety Multi-Lock (Two-pack)

    This nifty lock will keep little hands out of where they shouldn’t be! It features sticky pads so it can be used easily on a number of surfaces.
    How much? £7.99 on Amazon.

    15. Happy Mummy Hook and Stroll

    This clever hook attaches perfectly to buggies using it’s long velcro strap. Great for creating extra storage on your buggy for bags. Each one can hold 5kg in weight!
    How much? £5.35 on Amazon.

    Do you have any baby product favourites? Comment below!

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