8 of the best toilet training seats for toddlers

So, you've got them on the pot but it's time to move to the big toilet. We round up what to look for in toilet training seats and our best buys

Toilet training seats can be game-changers when it comes to encouraging your toddlers confidence in learning to use the toilet themselves.

Potty training (opens in new tab) is a milestone in both parent and child's life. And we're here to help make that as smooth as possible. So, your little on has graduated from the best potties (opens in new tab) - great news! The next stop is the 'big toilet'. Our Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe says: "Choosing the right toilet training seat is crucial to keeping your child's confidence high during this phase. Learning to use the toilet themselves is a huge win for your little one, so setting them up to succeed is half the battle. Plus, these toilet training seats are all wipe down and made of plastic, great for hand-me-downs or passing on to a fellow parent in need."

We've curated some of the best toilet training seats around so you can choose the best one to suit your child and your bathroom.  From bright and colourful ones to encourage them to sit, subtle and removable ones to keep your bathroom looking pristine. Take your pick...

Best toilet training seats

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1. Babybjorn Toilet Training Seat

white toilet training seat with blue rim details

Credit: BabyBjorn

Easily adjustable to fit most toilets, and its rubber edging and adjustable dial underneath, the seat stays firmly in place. And the splashguard prevents spills. Plus, you can hang the toilet training seat from its practical handle when not in use.

One buyer said: “Love this toilet seat! It is easy to clean and fits securely so the seat doesn't slip around when getting on and off the potty. Excellent product! I bought one for Grandma to keep at her house too.”

VIEW AT BABY BJORN | £33 (opens in new tab)

2. MAYFAIR 888SLOW 000 NextStep2 Toilet Seat

Image of a white toilet seat withint a toilet seat as part of best toilet training seats

Credit: Amazon

Replace your current toilet seat with this, and lift and lower the kids' potty seat as needed. It cleverly attaches magnetically to the lid. Great for smaller bathrooms or if you just don’t want the clutter of another toilet seat balanced somewhere in your bathroom.

With over 9,200 ratings on Amazon this has a respectable 4.7 out of 5 stars with one user saying: “Fantastic seat! Super easy to install, quick release to clean easily, without unscrewing. The small seat can be removed easily when training is done. My son loves it, he has his own "big boy" seat. I recommend this to anyone that is toilet training.”

VIEW AT AMAZON | £48.32 (opens in new tab)

3. Jool Baby Products - Folding Travel Potty Seat

Pink fold up toilet seat

Credit: Amazon

Ingenius folding travel toilet seat, which fits most standard public toilets securely - thanks to its 8 tiny suction cups - and it comes with a little travel pouch to keep stored in your bag when out and about.

This award-winning toilet training seat has over 7,700 ratings and an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. One buyer said: “Very simple but sturdy seat! Very smart ,perfect for traveling. The hole on the middle could be slightly bigger ,but it's a great stuff for my 2 yr old.”

VIEW AT AMAZON | £13.49 (opens in new tab)

4. Boots Baby Toilet Training Seat

White toilet training seat with backrest and blue detail

Credit: Boots

With anti-slip feet and a splash guard this fits a standard toilet brilliantly. It’s light and easy for toddlers to pick up and place themselves.

Mum-of-one, Dionne tells us: “I didn’t want to spend a fortune on toilet training, and this was under a tenner! Plus the lip at the back is comfy for my little one.”

VIEW AT BOOTS | £7.99 (opens in new tab)

5. Dreambaby Step-Up Toilet Trainer


Credit: Asda

This step ladder and toilet seat will give your toddler the confidence they need when it comes to using the ‘big toilet’. It comes with adjustable step height, a splash guard to minimise accidents and fits most standard toilets.

Mum-of-twins, Asia says; “It’s so lightweight if I forget to put it on the toilet at night my little one just does it herself. It’s done wonders for her confidence.”

VIEW AT ASDA DIRECT | £14.99 (opens in new tab)

6. My Carry Potty My Little Trainer Seat


Credit: John Lewis

Lightweight and fun, fits most standard UK toilets. And has a cute step stool available to match too. One buyer said: “This is a great toilet seat. It stays put on the toilet and doesn't slip off like other seats do. The side handles keep our toddlers stable and comfortable while sat on it. Our kids like the fun penguin design too! Definitely worth the money. We're getting a second one for upstairs.

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £8.99 (opens in new tab)

7. KinderALL Toilet Training Seat


Credit: Amazon

In the Hot New Releases on Amazon, this bright and cheerful toilet seat welcomes any toddler who’s toilet training. It comes complete with a super high splash guard, and useful arm and back rests to keep your little one comfy on the loo.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £9.14 (opens in new tab)

8. Potty Training Seat