Best toilet training seats for toddlers

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  • It's onwards and upwards for some little ones, graduating from potty to toilet training seat.

    But which one of these toilet training seats should you go for? After all, it’s a fairly important decision to make since it’s the next stage of teaching your child to use the bathroom by themselves.

    While perhaps not a highlight in a parent or child’s life, potty training is just one of those things that has to happen. Although, along with crawling, learning to walk and first words it is a key moment in a child’s life and for many parents, it’s one of the first signifiers that their children are actually growing up.

    And while it’s unlikely that they’ll remember the experience as they get older, as a parent or carer you’ll probably want to make sure that your child’s potty training experience is as pleasant as it possibly can be. So if they’ve moved on from using some of the best potties around, then you might want to give them another top quality product to use in the next stage of their toilet training experience.

    After all, they only do it once! These toilet training seats are also all wipe down and made of plastic, so if you’ve got more than one young child, they can be used for them both as they grow up.

    We’ve collated some of the best toilet training seats around so you can choose the best one to suit your child and your bathroom. Bright and colourful ones to encourage them to sit, subtle and removable ones to keep your bathroom looking pristine, cheap, cheerful, durable and an investment. There are so many toilet training seats to choose from! So have a browse and scroll through our collection of some of the best seats on the market, from reliable retailers like Argos and John Lewis.

    Check out some of the best toilet training seats around…