34 of the best Christmas games for families 2021

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  • Christmas games are a great way of breaking up the festivities and avoiding that post-dinner lull – after eating too much turkey.

    It’s always a little tricky to distract the kids from their top Christmas toys after the present opening, but we reckon that these adult and kids party games will certainly capture their attention.

    From best kids board games given a fun Christmas twist to silly DIY games and modern offerings that include throwing rings on a reindeer – there are plenty of Christmas games we’ve found that are suitable for all ages and promise to entertain everyone.

    34 Christmas games to play with the whole family:

    1. Gibsons Pass the Pud After-Dinner Party Game

    Pass the pud Christmas game

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 4 or more
    The objective: The player or team with the most sixpences are the winners.
    How to play: Players take it in turns to draw a card from four mouth-watering categories. They must come up with a word to match the card’s theme, before quickly passing the pud on to the next player who must also come up with a suitable answer – and so it goes on until the pudding goes  ‘burp!’ The player who is holding the Pud when it burps is the loser and the rival team receives a sixpence. Once all of the cards have been used, the team with the most sixpences are the winners.

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    2. Mystery stocking

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: To guess what the mystery item hidden in the sock is correctly.
    How to play: Take a Christmas stocking and fill it with random, small prizes. Let each child hold the stocking and without putting their hands inside, feel the shape of the prize and guess what it is. If they guess a prize they get to keep it!

    3. Ginger Ray Twist & Sprout Christmas Fun Family Board Party Game

    Christmas games for the family - Twist and Sprout

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 4-8 players
    The objective: The first team to cross out all 8 sprouts on the score card are the winners
    How to play: Split into two teams of at least two players. One team spins the spinner – which has three options: miss a go, twist or sprout. If it lands on twist, a team member has to pick up a twist card and then either hum the tune that’s written down, or act out a task using only silent clues (similar to charades). Their team mate has 60 seconds to guess the answer, and a sand timer is included to count down the short time.. If the spinner lands on sprout, a sprout card is picked up and the general knowledge question is read out for the other team member to answer. And again there’s only 60 seconds to answer the question.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £9.99

    4. Snowman bowling

    Number of players: The whole family!
    The objective: This one is one of those part crafting and part action Christmas games, so there’s lots of fun to be had! Knock down as many of the homemade snowman bowling pins as possible.
    How to play: Create your own Snowman bowling pins out of 8 large plastic water bottles, paper mache, toilet rolls for the snowman’s nose and some standard crafting paints. Then on Christmas day, line them up in the classic triangle-shaped bowling shape. Each person then stands a couple of metres back and takes turns at rolling a ball towards the bottles. The person who knocks down the most bottles is the winner. You can play best of five round to make the game last longer and if you want to make it harder, simply add some flour to the bottom of each of the plastic bottles before you paper mache to make them heavier.

    5. Drumond Park Christmas Articulate

    Articulate Christmas edition

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: More than 2
    The objective: Explain as many of the objects, events, people or phrases written on the cards in the Christmas Articulate set as possible in the time limit.
    How to play: Players split into teams and describe words to each other from six different categories including Object, Nature, Random, Person, Action and World (all Christmas themed!) as quickly as they can. The teams then move around the board based on the number of words they guess correctly and a couple of spinner bonuses.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £10

    6. Christmas Memory test

    Number of players: As many as you like
    The objective: To remember as many items removed from a tray as you can. The person who successfully remembers the most objects wins the game!
    How to play:  Get 10 to 15 small Christmas items and place them on a tray. Try things like a Christmas stocking, maybe one or more ornaments, Christmas cookies, cookie cutters, wrapping paper, Christmas candle, bow, Christmas movie, mince pies, nutcracker, etc…
    Set the tray down or walk around with the tray and allow people to study it for 1 or 2 minutes. Then take the tray out of the room. Now give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil and have them write down as many of the items as they can remember. The one with the most correct items written down wins.

    7. Christmas Eve: The Family Board Game

    Best Christmas games for the family - Christmas Eve board game

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2-6
    The objective: Father Christmas’s sleigh has crashed and you must race the other players to find the lost presents and save Christmas!
    How to play: You can play this one together as a team or against each other, whatever you choose. Roll the dice and race along the board collecting presents to give to Santa and help save Christmas. Landing on certain spaces can help or hinder your journey, with some involving a mini-game such as a Christmas challenge card, play the higher or lower bridge, complete the Snowman Waltz or try the (risky) Avalanche rolling. The one who makes it to the end first wins.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £26.99

    8. Christmas theme charades

    Number of players: At least 4
    The objective: To guess the most amount of festive themes drawn by other players correctly.
    How to play: The rest of the group watch as you draw out a festive theme, whether it’s a film or character, Christmas decoration or festive food! Whoever guesses what it is first gets to go next and whoever makes the most amount of correct guesses is the winner of the game at the end.

    9. Big Potato Don’t Get Got: A Christmas Game For Mischievous Families

    Don't Get Got Christmas game

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2-10
    The objective: Players are all given six missions to sneakily fulfil and the first to complete three, wins.
    How to play: This is one of those Christmas party games about completing secret missions… without getting caught. Each family member is assigned 6 missions which they must carry out covertly on other players. From getting them to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ to convincing them that it’s snowing outside. The play continues until someone gets three missions and wins.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £9.99

    10. Christmas Film bingo

    Number of players: The whole family!
    The objective: To cross off all the Christmas film bingo boxes on your card. Whoever gets there first, wins!
    How to play: Get as many pieces of card or paper as there are game players, then everyone writes things in a bingo card format they believe are classic lines or events that happen in Christmas films. As you all watch a Christmas film (it has to be one no one has ever seen before!), everyone ticks off things as they come up. Whoever ticks all their boxes first, wins!

    HINT: We have recommendations for some Christmas films on Netflix for 2020 to kick things off as well, such as The Grinch, Klaus and Arthur Christmas.

    11. Official Elf Quiz Trivia Game

    Elf Christmas film trivia cards

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: Whoever answers the most answers correctly.
    How to play: Talking of our all-time favourite Christmas movies on Disney+ – this trivia card game is based on the one and only Elf starring Will Ferrell. Answer these fun questions about the festive film. The cards cover everything from key scenes to the soundtrack, who directed it and what year it came out.

    VIEW AT EBAY | £4.99

    12. Ho ho ho blindman’s bluff

    Number of players: 4 or more
    The objective: The ‘blind’ person wins by identifying the people in the room by touch and then hearing them say ‘ho ho ho’. The other people have to avoid being caught and identified but they can’t hide or run away but they can move about to make it harder.
    How to play: One person is blindfolded and spun round. The person with the blindfold has to move around the room and identify each person by touch alone. The other people in the room need to move around a bit so it’s hard for the person wearing the blindfold to find people. If the blind person finds you, they can ask you to say ‘ho ho ho’ in whatever voice you choose! Whoever the ‘blind’ person correctly identifies, they swap places and wear the blindfold.

    13. VEYLIN Christmas Party Toss Game Inflatable Reindeer Antler Hat with Rings

    Best Christmas games for the family - Reindeer antler ring toss

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: Land the most rings on Rudolph’s antlers from a distance.
    How to play: Either make your own or pick up a reindeer ring toss set from Amazon. One person in the group wears the reindeer’s antlers and stands still while other players try and land their rings on the antlers. Stand a couple of metres back and keeping moving back with each round. Whoever still manages to hook their ring on reindeer’s antlers at the furthest distance is the winner.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £4.99

    14. Christmas Cluedo

    Number of players: 4 or more
    The objective: Everyone is trying to ‘kill’ another person, simply by handing them a Christmas object without them realising. If that person takes it then they die! The last one standing – empty-handed – is the winner.
    How to play: Each person writes their own name on a piece of paper, plus one Christmas object in the house that could be easily passed to someone (no Christmas trees!). Next, each person then takes a name out of a bag, and an object. You need to pass the person you draw the Christmas item you draw and if they take it without realising, then they die. If a person dies, they have to give the person and object to their killer. The last one standing wins!

    15. Christmas Family Game – Rudolph’s Red Nose

    Pin the nose on the reindeer

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 4 or more
    The objective: To place the red nose on the right spot on Rudolph’s body. This is a fun festive twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey!
    How to play: One person is blindfolded and spun round to disorientate them. Once released, point them in the right direction and place the red nose in their hand, with something sticky on the back. Let them guess where Rudolph’s face is and attempt to stick the red nose where it should go. The whole group each take turns in doing this and whoever got closest wins a prize!

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £4.99

    16. Festive film charades

    Number of players: 4 or more
    The objective: The rest of the group have to watch your mime and guess what the title is that you’re acting out. The person that guesses correctly then takes their turn to act out a charade. The only catch is – the subject you choose has to be Christmas-themed!
    How to play: One person stands in front of the rest of the family or friends and mimes the title of a Christmas song, play, film, book or TV programme. The person doing the miming uses hand signals to show whether it’s a film, book, pop song, etc, and then they either act out each individual word, one at a time, or mime the full title in one go. The people watching have to guess the name of whatever the person is miming. Whoever gets it right swaps places and do their own mime to the group.

    17. Seeking Santa – The Christmas Game for Two Players

    Best Christmas games for the family - Seeking santa board game

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2 players
    The objective: Battle to be the first to reach Santa in the centre of the game board
    How to play: A Christmas and kid-friendly version of Chess. Line your snowmen up against your opponent and take it in turns to move close to the Santa counter in the middle. Just like the classic game, some snowman have special powers and can only move in certain directions. So be sure to check the rule book first for the full debrief.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £12.99

    18. Festive alphabet

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: To pick a Christmas related word for every letter of the alphabet
    How to play: Take some paper and write down every letter of the alphabet vertically down the length of the page. Put the players into small teams and let them think of a Christmas related word for each letter. The first team to finish all the letters wins.

    19. Drumond Park The Best of Christmas game

    The Best of Christmas family game

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: You are testing your team Christmas knowledge to climb up and decorate your side of the Christmas Tree. Answer the questions correctly and be the first one to put the star on the top.
    How to play: There are three kinds of Christmas trivia cards to play – a picture, theme or pot luck card. On each card are four questions in four different colours. Answer the question correctly and your team jumps forward on the board to that colour space. And so on. Get the answer wrong and the next question goes to the other team – giving them the opportunity to jump ahead. On the board are ornaments to land on and collect on the way. Decorate the tree as you go along and the winners are the ones who add the final star to the top.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £10

    20. Human Christmas tree

    Number of players: 6 or more
    The objective: The team that finish first and have the best ‘decorated’ tree are the winners and win a prize.
    How to play: Separate into teams with one person in each team playing the Christmas tree. The team then have to turn their chosen person into a Christmas tree, using wrapping paper, tape and decorations – but they have under a minute to do it! When the minute is up the winner is the team that have the best decorated tree. Certainly one of our more creative and energetic Christmas games for the family.

    21. Racing Reindeers

    Racing Reindeer

    Credit: Baker Ross

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: The reindeer that crosses the finish line first.
    How to play: Forget Santa and his sleigh – it’s all about the ability and agility of his reindeers in this kid-friendly Christmas game. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen are all ready for you to race them – simply map out your course, line them up at the starting line, pull back their lever and watch them go!

    VIEW AT BAKER ROSS | £4.50

    22. Santa style

    Number of players: 6 or more
    The objective: To create a Santa outfit first. This is a race against time, so you and your team members will need to be quick!
    How to play: Separate into teams of three or four and give each team a bag filled with materials to make a Santa outfit from. The best materials to use are red, white and black streamers and tissue paper, cotton wool balls and any fun extras like fur or glitter. Give the teams 5 minutes to create a Santa outfit, making it as good as they possibly can. When the time runs out, both teams take it in turns to do a catwalk of their creation and the parents can judge which one is best.

    23. Know Your Carols Christmas Games Fun

    Guess the Christmas carol game

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: Whoever correctly guesses the most carols.
    How to play: How well do you know your Christmas carols? This quick 20 question card game has the question master read (or sing) out lyrics from famous Christmas carols. And it’s up to the players to guess the carol right for a point. Tot up your points at the end and see who takes the carol crown.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £3.49

    24. The ‘gimme’ game

    Number of players:  More than 5 is best, so this game is great for bigger family gatherings
    The objective: To get as many gifts as you can… even though you don’t know what they are!
    How to play: Depending on how many people are playing, you have two less presents than there are people. Keep them jokey, cheap gifts. It’s a good idea to wrap the presents really well and try to disguise the contents and shapes. The presents are then put together in the middle of the room. Everyone takes it in turn to throw two dice. Whoever gets a double six is allowed to take a present – but not open it. Everyone gets a go and if you get a double six, you can ‘steal’ a gift that your friend has chosen for themselves – shouting GIMME! as you do, although they may take it back if they get a double six!

    HINT: Often people take a gift that they think is going to be a really good present – this is where wrapping well can outwit other players. When everyone’s had a couple of turns and everyone has a few presents each, you’re allowed to open the presents and keep them if you wish.

    25. Big Potato Santa Banter: Hilarious Christmas Game

    Christmas games for the family - Santa Banter

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 4 or more
    The objective: The team that correctly guesses the most rhymes win.
    How to play: A Christmas version of the Obama Llama party game. Your job is to describe as many rhymes as you can whilst your team tries to guess them. Each team has 30 seconds each. From rhymes like ‘Rudolph is playing golf’ and ‘The fairy lights are starting fights’, it’s sure to test everyone’s ability. Our pick of one of the best Christmas games in 2021.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £9.99

    26. Christmas Would You Rather

    Once upon a Christmas story game

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: Win the game by telling the best and funniest Christmas story you can
    How to play: A storytelling game with a difference – perfect for little kids come Christmas day. Match the six christmas character cards with some of the 56 story cards that give you everything from prompts on the setting and drama to some festive props. Come up with a story including all the elements and share aloud.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £8.99

    28. Mr & Mrs

    Number of players: 6 or more. This game works best with at least three couples, but doesn’t necessarily have to be couples, this also works for friends, brothers and sisters and colleagues. It helps if you know the person well of course…
    The objective: To correctly answer questions about your spouse, partner, sibling, whoever you’re playing with!
    How to play: Get into pairs and send one half of the couple out of the room while you ask their partner questions about them. Make the questions as interesting as you can, from ‘what’s her favourite perfume?’ to ‘how old was he when he had his first kiss?’. Bring the partner back into the room to answer the questions, giving one point for every correct answer. The couple with the most points wins!

    29. Christmas Monopoly Board Game

    Monopoly Christmas edition

    Credit: Amazon

    Number of players: 2-6
    The objective: The player who ends up with the most money at the end of the game.
    How to play: One of those must play Christmas games. You know the rules and this Christmas version of everyone’s favourite family board game has festive features like snowman and Christmas pudding counters. Plus you’re trading in grottos and workshops instead of houses and hotels.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £28.05

    30. Guess the smell Christmas game

    Number of players: 3 or more
    The objective: Whoever guesses the most smells correctly.
    How to play: Gather together a host of seasonal scents like mulled wine, nutmeg and a Christmas tree sprig. Blindfold the kids and have them sniff their way to victory. One of those great sensory Christmas games for old and young.

    The Very Merry Christmas family board game

    Credit: Amazon

    31. The Very Merry Christmas Game

    Number of players: 2-4 players or teams
    The objective: Compete against one another to grab the most lavish set of presents for your stocking
    How to play: Fill your stocking with only the best gifts on offer. Presents might be really nice or really naff – and you may not find out what the other players have dished out to you until you open them at the end of the game. Pull a cracker card to snatch a better present from someone else’s stocking. You may even have to sing a favourite festive song to avoid losing one of your own prezzies in this crazy Christmas games.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £19.12

    Christmas Bingo set

    Credit: Amazon

    32. Christmas Bingo Game

    Number of players: 3 or more
    The objective: The player who ticks off all the items on the bingo card wins.
    How to play: Just like the traditional game except the numbers have been swapped with Christmas items like an angel, bauble and a Christmas jumper. The bingo caller picks a caller image randomly and reads out the Christmas item for the players to cross off if on their bingo card. Play continues until a player has a full house and shouts ‘Christmas Bingo’!

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £3.99

    33. Talking Tables Christmas True or False Game

    Talking Tables Christmas True or False Game

    Credit: John Lewis

    Number of players: 2 or more
    The objective: The player or team who correctly guesses the most facts from fiction
    How to play: One of those quick fire trivia Christmas games sure to test everyone’s seasonal knowledge abilities. Inside the box you’ll find 60 cards with festive facts and lies that you must get right by waving your ‘true’ or ‘false’ paddle.


    34. Christmas Murder Mystery Kit: Host your own game kit

    Christmas Murder mystery Kit: Host your own game kit

    Credit: Masters of Mystery

    Number of players: 4-8 (but there’s other packs that cater up to 20)
    The objective: The player who correctly guesses the murderer.
    How to play: We know a few families that love the classic murder mystery game – so why not invest in this one with a festive twist? The downloadable kit gives you a great story plus famous characters to act as. Ebenezer Scrooge has set up a ‘Holiday Derangement Syndrome’ therapy group for characters from pop culture to get together and talk about their feelings. (Including none other than the Grinch and the Sugar Plum Fairy too.) Half way through the discussion, the lights go out and Scrooge winds up dead – with a sprig of holly to the heart! It’s up to you to hide or find out who murdered Ebenezer depending on your role. One of our best picks for Christmas games with older kids.



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