70 quick and easy canapes recipes and ideas

The perfect party food - these homemade canapes are quick and easy to make...

A selection of quick and easy canapes you can easily make at home
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Quick and easy canapes to pass around at a party, including savoury and sweet nibbles from blinis to vol-au-vents, from mini ice cream cones to meats on sticks

"Canapés are a chance to give your guests a little glimpse of what they can expect from your dinner party but they are also a really fun option if you're hosting a themed event," says Senior Food Writer, Jessica Ransom (opens in new tab). "It's important they are bite-sized and easy to eat, in most scenarios your guests will only have one hand free because the other will be holding a drink of some kind."

The word 'canapé' actually means 'couch' or 'sofa', because traditional canapés are served on a piece of bread, so it is said to look a little like someone sitting on a sofa. Our pea and prawn crostini, or beetroot blinis, are good examples. Anything else (on sticks, in glasses, or served on spoons) is technically an appetiser, though, in modern parlance, the two are interchangeable. "If you're serving a canapé ahead of a dinner, make sure you don't fill your guests up too much," says Jessica. "Allow for 2-3 canapés per person and keep the portion sizes of indulgent ingredients like cheese or fried foods quite small. It's better to have your guests wishing for more than feeling too full."

Originally savoury, they were a starter or a pre-starter. These days, however, they're just as likely to be sweet, and sometimes are served as buffet food (opens in new tab), like a two-course standing meal: savoury first, followed by puddings. You could even go sweet-only - perfect for a baby shower or as an afternoon tea (opens in new tab)-themed event.

Quick and easy canapes recipes and ideas

Homemade bread tart cases make these little morsels good value canapés

1. Cheat’s goat’s cheese and cranberry tartlets

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins

These sound so fancy but they’re actually a frugal little treat. You make them by cutting a disc out of a slice of bread - one slice per canapé. You don’t need to use fancy bread. Standard stuff works best and gives a lovely crisp shell. If you’ve got an old jar of cranberry sauce in the cupboard after Christmas, this is a great way to use it up.

The bread leftovers can be made into melba toast for dipping into homemade dips. Or you can just put them in a food processor, whizz them down to breadcrumbs, and keep them in the freezer for topping homemade pies and bakes. 

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canape recipe

Crisp little fingers of halloumi cheese are perfect for dunking in dips

2. Halloumi dippers

Makes: 40 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 40 mins

Crisp halloumi canapés are such a treat. They are coated in extra light and crunchy panko breadcrumbs. However, if you want to keep costs down you can use normal breadcrumbs - either homemade ones very finely processed, or preserved ones from a packet.

Jessica Ransom, Senior Food Editor says, "These deep-fried little cheese bites are incredibly indulgent so we recommend allowing 2-3 max per person. After frying, they should be sturdy enough to pick up with just fingers but providing small forks or cocktail sticks will make it easier for your guests. Why not upgrade these canapés to a simple starter? Cut the halloumi into slightly bigger chunks and serve with a rocket salad and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to cut through the fattiness of the cheese."

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High protein and low fat - fancy canapés don't have to be unhealthy

3. Chicken Katsu skewers

Makes: 18 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 45 mins

These look so beautifully arranged on a long-serving platter with a dipping sauce in a bowl at the end. And, whereas lots of canapés are quite a strain on the waistline, these are low fat and high in protein, making them a pretty healthy option.

They are best served warm. However, it’s really easy to cook them in advance and then just keep them on a low shelf in a warming oven, already skewered up and ready to go, for up to an hour before you plate up. Cover them with some foil to keep them from drying out if you use this method.

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Millionaire's shortbread with a fabulous nutty upgrade

4. Peanut butter caramel

Makes: 48 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 1 hr 30, plus cooling and setting time

"A delicious nutty take on the classic Millionaire's shortbread," says Jessica. "These are a great option for after dinner with a shot of espresso. Make them the night before then cut them into shape on the day of serving and arrange them on your platter so they are ready to go. They would make a really nice addition to a sweet grazing board and can be cut into triangles or squares."

This is such a useful recipe to have in your repertoire. Not only is it a great choice for a canapé, but it’s also great to make for charity bake sales - cut into larger portions for people. Don’t be put off by the long cooking time for these - a lot of it is downtime while you’re waiting for things to bake or set. They’re easy to make and you get nearly 50 from a batch so the payoff is huge.

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canape recipe Smoked salmon and pea vol au vents

Juicy smoked salmon flakes and minty pea purée in a small but perfectly formed mouthful

5. Smoked salmon and pea vol-au-vents

Makes: 18 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 mins

Vol-au-vents are the classic party nibble. Don’t worry about them looking old-fashioned - they don’t. In fact, they have a really cool retro appeal. You could really lean into the retro vibe and serve them up with a range of other classic party nibbles, from blinis to devils on horseback (dates wrapped in crispy bacon).

This recipe is quick and easy to do because it uses ready-made frozen vol-au-vent cases. No need for cutting shapes out of a puff pastry sheet.

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canape recipe_Mini Parma ham veggie tarts

Pastry-free tasty treats that all your guests will enjoy

6. Mini Parma ham veggie tarts

Makes: 8 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins

These are a little bit like a pastry-free version of mini quiche. The parma ham forms a crisp case, and no pastry means they are gluten-free - great for guests with wheat intolerance. Serve these up on a board or a china plate as the ham will be a little oily, which can discolour paper plates. Place your napkins nearby too because people will probably want to wipe their fingers. 

They are easier than they look to create, with only five ingredients. Vary the filling vegetables according to what you like and what’s in season. In spring and early summer during the British season, mini asparagus spears are often on special offer making them a great value.

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canape recipe_Pea and prawn crostini

Light and fresh little toasts, perfect for summer garden soirées

7. Pea and prawn crostini

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 15 mins

Pea and prawn crostini are so easy to make and you can knock out a dozen in 15 minutes. It’s really easy to multiple the amounts for this recipe, but remember, although they are very quick, most of the time is in assembling the crostini. If you’re making double, expect it to take twice as long. 

"If you don't like peas, swap for classic guacamole either homemade or shop-bought. Squeeze over a little lime juice before serving for zing and a sprinkle of chilli flakes if you like spice," says Jessica.

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canape recipe Spicy salmon and guacamole cones

A really original and attractive way to serve up canapés

8. Spicy salmon and guacamole cones

Makes: 16 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 30 mins

Serve up these delicious Mexican-inspired mini corn tortillas at a summer party with a fiesta feel. They're quite spicy, so probably best for grown-up dos.

If you want to have a crispy case, more like a taco, try this trick. Make up the corn tortillas into cone shapes and secure them with a toothpick to stop them from unraveling. Bake them in the oven for a couple of minutes until they harden on the outside. Leave to cool and then remove the toothpicks before filling them.

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canape recipe_Beetroot blinis with garlicky mushrooms

Punchy pink canapés that look as good as they taste

9. Beetroot blinis with garlicky mushrooms

Makes: 30 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 30 mins + 30 mins for the yeast to develop

These are so colourful and dainty, that they make a delightful little platter. Serve them up with other blinis like smoked salmon, to make the plate a rainbow.

This recipe includes actually making your own blinis, so you will need an hour in total. However, you can do this section in advance and just heat the blinis in the microwave before assembling and serving, or use shop-bought ones. 

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canape recipe_lamb kebabs

Easy to make and always popular - the herby dip is the secret weapon of these simple bites

10. Mini lamb kebab skewers

Makes: 24 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins

This is one of our most popular recipes because it’s easy to make, and so tasty. Each mini kebab is served on a stick, so your guests can dip in the minty yogurt dip without getting their hands greasy. 

Make the kebabs and the sauce up a day in advance and just keep them chilled and ready to grill just before serving. 

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canape recipe_Strawberry cheesecake pots

Mini pudding pots topped with fruity strawberry coulis

11. Strawberry cheesecake pots

Makes: 6 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 mins

There is nothing difficult about this recipe, though you need a little precision and patience when you’re putting them together. It's a great canapé for a small-ish garden party when you don't have to make more than 6-10.

These use fat-free yogurt and extra light cream cheese to keep them as low-calorie as possible.

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canape recipe Beetroot and goats cheese crostini

Pickled beetroot and tangy goats' cheese make a sophisticated snack

12. Beetroot and goats’ cheese crostini

Makes: 20 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 mins

These look so professional but they’re really easy to make and assemble. To keep your assembly line speedy, wear plastic gloves and place the beetroot by hand. That way you won’t get purple-stained fingers for the party.

Cut the baguettes thinly and on the horizontal to get the long finger effect for the crostini, which allows you to add four quarters of beetroot per canapé. Don’t skimp on the orange zest and thyme leaf garnish - it adds a beautiful flourish. 

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canape recipe_Crispy prawns_sweet chilli dip

Serve these crispy prawns with big wedges of lime to garnish

13. Crispy prawns with sweet chilli dip

Makes: 30 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins

Party food that everyone can pass around and share. "Try using prawns with the tails still attached. They look more elegant and provide the perfect ready-made handle for easy eating," says Jessica. Remember to leave a discard bowl for people to leave the tails in though.

If you’re short on time, you can just use sweet chilli dipping sauce straight from a bottle, but adding the lemon and soy just gives it a little something extra.

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canape recipe_Caramel cream Nutella lollies

Neat little mouthfuls of decadent caramel chocolate

14. Caramel cream Nutella lollies

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 40 mins + 5 hrs chilling

Sweet canapés are just as important as savoury. Keep these in the fridge until people have eaten their fill of savoury canapés and are ready for them.

An hour before you bring them out, put the serving plate to chill in the freezer. This keeps them cool for longer if people don’t eat them straight away. If you leave them out on a sunny day, the chocolate will melt and leave brown puddles behind.

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canape recipe_Crushed potatoes with smoked salmon toppers

A brilliant twist on classic salmon blinis

15. Crushed potatoes with smoked salmon toppers

Makes: 18 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 45 mins

If you're bored of the same old salmon blinis, try making them with crushed potatoes instead. They have a lovely crispness that is a brilliant contrast to the salmon.

These are really easy to portion up as each base is exactly one small potato, so you know exactly how many you’re going to get. Make sure you grease your baking tray well as you don’t want the finished potatoes sticking to it just before you assemble them.

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canape recipe_Smoked salmon roses on rye toast

Be generous with the salmon to make this beautiful little rose creations

16. Smoked salmon roses on rye toast

Makes: 6 | Skill level: medium | Total time: 25 mins

These smoked salmon roses may look fancy but they're actually really easy to make. Apart from toasting the rye bread, they don’t need any cooking at all. You can speed up the process by simply spreading the cream cheese mixture onto the rye toast, but piping it from an icing bag with a star nozzle makes it so pretty. 

If you’re serving this to a group that includes people with gluten intolerance, replace the rye bread with a really dense, dark gluten-free bread with lots of seeds.

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canape recipe_Leek and blue cheese pizza

A pretty pizza canapé that can be cut into many little portions

17. Leek and blue cheese pizza

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins

Slice this unusual pizza into small squares to pass around at parties. Pizza always makes a great canapé as you can slice it into as many or as few pieces as you need. It’s best served warm but you can cook and slice it up before your guests arrive and keep it in a very low oven until you’re ready to serve.

This one uses a defrosted portion of pizza dough, rolled into a square for easy portioning. But it’s adaptable too. You could use a piadina flatbread (try Crosta & Mollica’s) or even plain naan bread to make the base. 

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canape recipe_steak on sticks

Chunks of lean meat on sticks make a very healthy canapé option

18. Steak on sticks

Makes: 8 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 11 mins

"Sometimes the simplest recipes are the tastiest," says Jessica. "Using high-quality steak will ensure the most flavour and an enjoyable texture. It's really important to rest the steak well before slicing so that it's as tender as possible.

"It's a nice idea to serve these canapés with classic warmed steak sauces such as peppercorn or béarnaise. They should be served and eaten quickly as they will become toughen up if left to go cold."

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canape recipe_Smoked salmon blinis

One of the most classic canapés, and still one of the best

19. Smoked salmon blinis

Makes: 24 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 15 mins

One of the most quintessential party canapés - brilliant at anything from a high summer garden party to Christmas cocktails. If serving in summer, pass them around and then keep any spares in a cool, shady place so the salmon doesn’t start to discolor.

Salmon goes so well with champagne, crémant, or cava. The bold, fresh flavours of the fizz balance well with the oily fishiness of the salmon. Using packet blinis, you really can make two dozen of these in just a quarter of an hour.

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canape recipe_Smoked salmon_cottage cheese and rocket rolls

A seriously healthy option for the canapé spread

20. Smoked salmon, cottage cheese and rocket rolls

Makes: 16 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 10 mins

Canapé spreads can be a minefield of high-calorie counts, but with these, you and your guests can enjoy a treat, guilt-free. They’re actually Slimming World-approved.

"You can try this recipe with smoked trout or salami if you prefer," says Jessica. "It's best to secure the rolls with a cocktail stick and chill to firm up for 30mins before serving. You can arrange them on a bed of rocket or watercress. This is mostly for presentation but is edible and delicious too."

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canape recipe_potato cakes and dip

Delicious little crispy potato bites accompanied by a spicy dip

21. Chilli Philly potato cakes

Makes: 16-20 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 35 mins

These bite-sized treats are always really popular. Serve with the homemade dip, or alongside some shop-bought ones for variety. Most people will want three or four each, so adjust your batch size accordingly. The only extra time is when you’re shaping the little potato cakes into balls and flattening them, so making extras doesn't lengthen the cooking time too much.

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canape recipe_Chocolate and cranberry cheesecake shots

Fancy little shots of chocolate cheesecake pudding

22. Chocolate and cranberry cheesecake shots

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins + 2 hrs cooling time

Another cheaty cheesecake-a-like. Make these in shot glasses and serve them up to your guests with coffee spoons (regular teaspoons will be too large to get to the bottom of the pudding.)

If you don’t have shot glasses or spoons, you can make this as one large cheesecake instead. We recommend using a loose-bottomed, square tin. Cut the cheesecake into portions, and place in the freezer for 30-45 minutes before serving, to firm them up a bit and make them easier to pick up.

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canape recipe_Mini vegetable frittatas

Surprisingly filling bite-size crustless quiches

23. Mini vegetable frittatas

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 30 mins

A brilliant, Spanish fiesta-inspired recipe. These are like little quiches but they don’t have any pastry. That means they’re not only suitable for vegetarians but also for any guests who are gluten-intolerant. 

They are lovely served hot or cold, depending on the type of party you’re throwing. In winter, we’d recommend cooking them in advance and then reheating them in the oven just before serving. In summer you can serve them straight from the fridge, made a day or two in advance.

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canape recipe_Courgette curls with salmon and cream cheese

A really novel way to serve up salmon and cream cheese bites

24. Courgette curls with salmon and cream cheese

Makes: 15 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 25 mins

The classic smoked salmon and cream cheese combo are given a modern and healthy twist by adding a little courgette instead of serving it up on bread. 

It's another great option for slimmers (make it with extra light cream cheese and fat-free cottage cheese), or anyone who can’t eat pastry. Have a discard bowl handy that people can put their used cocktail sticks in.

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canape recipe_Rose Turkish Delight

Seriously impressive homemade confectionary that your guests will love

25. Rose Turkish delight

Makes: 35-49 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 30 mins

"Another easy recipe to prepare ahead of time," says Jessica. "Cut these into dainty little squares and serve as a petit four. Why not create a little sharing board consisting of these, the peanut caramel from above and a selection of cake pops from below?"

Of course, you can buy Turkish Delight but serving up the homemade stuff is a whole other level of impressive hosting. Good Turkish delight is also expensive, whereas, with this version, you get a really large batch for about £2.70. 

Get the recipe: Rose Turkish delight (opens in new tab)

Free-from cheese and chutney scones_canape ideas

Easy and cheap to make, and brilliantly served alongside a cheeseboard

26. Cheese and chutney scones

Makes: 8-12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 35 mins

These little round cheese and chutney scones are so delicious. And because you don’t need to roll out and use a scone cutter to make them, they’re even quicker than regular cheese scones to make. 

Jessica says, "Serve these sliced and topped with a selection of different ingredients. You could do some with salted butter and others with additional cheese and chutney. They'll be great warm or cold."

Get the recipe: Free-form cheese and chutney scones (opens in new tab)

canape recipe_Apple doughnuts with apple purée

Homemade doughnuts bring a fairground to feel to your party

27. Apple doughnuts with apple purée

Makes: 28 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 45 mins

Ever considered making doughnuts as a sweet canapé? They're not as hard to make as you may think. It only takes 30 mins to cook a batch of 28. Serve with apple puree, as we do in this recipe, or swap for melted chocolate, Nutella, or even something as simple as strawberry jam. 

Get the recipe: Apple doughnuts with apple puree (opens in new tab)

canape recipe_Sausages in bacon

Not just a Christmas dinner trimming, these make great finger food

28. Pigs in blankets

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins

Sausages make the perfect party food for anyone from adults down to toddlers. You probably don’t even need a recipe for pigs in blankets because they’re so easy to do, but this one gives you lots of top tips too to make sure you get them perfectly every time. 

It might feel like a bit of a Christmas treat, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. Sausages wrapped in bacon are a great idea at any time of year. Serve in a bowl and leave out cocktail sticks so people don’t have to get their fingers dirty.

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canape recipe_Twisty sausage rolls

A modern take on a sausage roll, using less pastry too

29. Twisty sausage rolls

Makes: 24 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 mins

While we’re on the subject of sausages, how about this twist on the pig in a blanket classic? In the US, the term pigs in blankets usually refer to sausages wrapped in pastry rather than bacon, so these are our little American-inspired canapés.  

We’ve used ready-rolled puff pastry to make these, to keep it really simple. All you need to do is cut it into strips. This is one of the quickest hot canapé recipes we have - 24 treats in just 20 minutes.

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devilled eggs

Devilled eggs with crab meat make a retro canapé feel modern and fresh

30. Devilled eggs

Makes: 24 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 mins

Another brilliant retro classic canapé that makes a big plateful of food in less than half an hour. With a good hit of spicy Tabasco, these are great at grown-up parties.

This version has crab meat mixed in with the filling, but if you want a veggie-friendly version, simply leave it out and add in a pinch of paprika. Refill the egg halves with a spoon or, if you have time and you really want to go for a traditional look, use a piping bag and a star piping attachment.

Get the recipe: Devilled eggs with crab (opens in new tab)

canape recipe_Cheese and chive puffs

These choux pastry puffs make the ultimate canapé bites

31. Cheese and chive puffs

Makes: 16 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 35 mins

These cheese and chive puffs make great finger food. Serve in a clear bowl or a woven basket lined with some pretty napkins for a rustic look.

If you haven’t made choux pastry before, it might seem a bit daunting but it’s actually pretty easy as long as you follow our recipe and don’t over-baked the balls.

Get the recipe: Cheese and chive puffs (opens in new tab)

Potato skins

A cheap and cheerful option, with the option to go simple or all out on the dips

32. Potato skins with dips

Makes: 24 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 1hr 35

Potato skins make a brilliant chip 'n' dip style option. This recipe includes three different dips for you to serve them with, but if you’re pressed for time, just serve up salsa and some sour cream with chopped chives mixed in. Don’t be put off by that cooking time either - there is practically no work involved. You will scoop the flesh out of these potatoes, but don’t discard it. Save it to make bubble and squeak or fishcakes another day.

Get the recipe: Potato skins with dips (opens in new tab)

canape recipe_Madeira cake pops

A canapé for all skill levels depending on how intricate you want to get with the decoration

33. Cake pops

Makes: 20 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 1-2 hrs, plus cooling and setting time

Cake pops are the ultimate party treat. You can take as long as you like over them, and theme and decorate them for your party. If you need a quicker option, use shop-bought sponge cake and reduce the making time to about 40 minutes plus setting time.

"These are a really fun option for children but you can put a sophisticated spin on the flavours if serving to adults. Why not try coffee-flavoured sponge and dip in crushed walnuts of cacao nibs," says Jessica.

Get the recipe: How to make cake pops (opens in new tab)

Chocolate honeycomb mousse pots

Pots of creamy chocolate mousse with decadent honeycomb crunch on top

34. Chocolate honeycomb mousse pots

Makes: 6 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 mins

These little chocolate honeycomb mousse pots are ideal for a sophisticated bash. Sprinkle shards of Crunchie bars on top of the chocolate mousse for a simple but impressive finishing touch. You can make the mousse go further by serving it in smaller glasses. Try serving in egg cups for an Easter-themed bash, topped with smashed Mini Eggs.

Get the recipe: Chocolate honeycomb mousse pots (opens in new tab)

Cheese and pickle straws

A perfect starter for a canapé spread, and so simple to make up in advance

35. Cheese and pickle straws

Makes: 25 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 35 mins

These homemade cheese straws are deliciously served with a couple of dips. The pickle makes them better than any versions you can buy in shops, too. They’re really easy to make - just be sure to keep a close eye on them while they’re in the oven.

Serve these with a traditional picnic-themed spread, with Scotch eggs and pork pies. Alternatively, they are good at cocktail parties because you can hold them in one hand and your drink in the other. 

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canape recipe_Crushed pea and bean toasts

Make these on mini toasts for canapés

36. Crushed pea and bean toasts

Makes: 6-15 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 10 mins

This recipe was actually created as a starter rather than canapés. However, to serve up at a party, you can either simply cut the toast in half, or use slices of toasted baguette instead.

This is one of our quickest finger food options. Once you know what you’re doing, you can knock out a batch in 10 minutes or so. It’s cheap too - use frozen peas and broad beans to keep the costs really low.

Get the recipe: Crushed pea and bean toasts (opens in new tab)

Moroccan chickpea cakes

Add some North African flair to your buffet spread

37. Moroccan chickpea cakes

Makes: 16 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 35 mins

These make a lovely addition to a canapé spread because many of your guests will not have tried them before. These are great for home entertaining. The bulk of the recipe comes from a tin of chickpeas, so it’s cheap to make. Use dried chickpeas, soaked overnight, to make it even cheaper if you prefer. Serve with a creamy garlic dip. 

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Seeded Parmesan biscuits canapes

Top half your batch with sesame and half with poppy seeds

38. Seeded Parmesan biscuits

Makes: 30 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 45 minutes, including chilling time

These make great nibbles on their own, or you can serve them with cheese as part of a spread. They’re especially good with baked camembert, dipped into the melted cheese. Make them vegetarian by using a Parmesan cheese alternative. 

Get the recipe: Seeded Parmesan bites (opens in new tab)

macaroon canapes

Make your own macaroons and they'll taste even better than packaged ones

39. Mini macaroons

Makes: 34 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 50 mins

You can buy swanky mini macaroons from patisseries, but why bother when you can make them yourself at home in less than an hour? This version will definitely work out cheaper. Plus you can adjust the colour to suit your own party spread.

One batch makes 34 macaroons. Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, you can experiment with adding flavours like cocoa or peppermint to the macaroon, or chocolate, caramel, or pistachio to the frosting. They also make a great take-home gift for people. 

Get the recipe: Mini macaroons (opens in new tab)

canape recipe Parma ham and mozzarella bites

Mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and rocket all wrapped up in parma ham

40. Parma ham and mozzarella bites

Makes: 20 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 10 mins

These little mozzarella bites look fancy but they're easy to make and can be rustled up in no time. There’s no cooking, chilling, or waiting. 

“If you'd prefer to make them meat-free, swap the parma ham for half a cherry tomato,” says Jessica. “You could secure a basil leaf to each bite for an elegant garnish. And try drizzling them with balsamic vinegar for an extra flavour punch.”

Get the recipe: Parma ham and mozzarella bites (opens in new tab)

vegan cake recipe

A perfect healthy treat for vegans, and everyone else too

41. Vegan carrot cake with frosting

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 30 mins

This is a perfect pudding for serving up if you have vegan guests at your party. The recipe makes six portions but you can cut them smaller for a canapé version - between 12 and 15 pieces. 

Non-vegan guests won’t complain either - the sweet stodginess of the base and the creaming topping are really reminiscent of carrot cake, but a healthier version.

Get the recipe: Raw carrot cake with vegan frosting (opens in new tab)

canape recipe_Hot and spicy chicken skewers

A high protein healthy canapé that's quick and easy to make

42. Hot and spicy chicken skewers

Makes: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 mins

The skewers are easy to make and they only take 10 minutes to cook - just make sure to leave at least a couple of hours for the chicken to marinade first. This recipe includes a dip to go with the chicken, but for speed, you could just serve it with hummus or sweet chilli sauce. 

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canape recipe_Watermelon_cured ham_feta

Refreshingly different snacks that work well in summer or winter

43. Watermelon, cured ham and feta

Makes: 28 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 15 mins

These require no cooking at all, so they’re really quick and easy to do. You could even get the kids to help with assembly. The watermelon is such a brilliant summer contrast to the salty ham and feta. Make these up a day in advance and just keep them in the fridge until needed.

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