11 of the best baking sets for kids

Our roundup of the best baking kits for all ages and price ranges
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  • If you're looking for fun and tasty things to do with your kids then baking should be high on your list.

    Baking is a fantastic creative activity to keep children occupied. These fun baking kits are ideal for small hands and will keep your little ones busy in the kitchen for hours.

    Following easy kids’ baking recipes and measuring ingredients are a great educational moment for older children, but youngsters of all ages find baking enjoyable and stimulating. Certainly, some of my fondest childhood memories are icing fairy cakes in my grandmother’s kitchen. And I’m sure you have distant kitchen memories too. Whether it was sticking the raisin buttons on the gingerbread man or licking the cake batter left in the bowl. Recreate these blissful moments with the next generation! Whether you’re buying a baking kit for your own brood or it’s a gift there is a baking kit to suit.

    Lakeland Ultimate Baking Gift Set

    Why we love it: Best value overall
    This amazing value kit comes with everything a budding little baker could need. The fun bright colours appeal, but it’s also sturdy and good quality. It’s suitable for children 3+, but this kit contains so much it’s great for older children too.

    Age: 3+

    What’s included?: rolling pin, pastry brush with nylon bristles, silicone spatula, balloon whisk, 6 plastic measuring spoons, 10 assorted plastic cookie cutters, mini loaf tin, mini tartlet tin, 6-hole mini cupcake tin, 6 mini silicone cupcake cases, 2-piece silicone mini cake pop mould, cake pop stand, 12 reusable cake pop sticks, decorating tool, 4 spring-loaded icing cutters (butterfly, bird, flower and heart), 3 piping bags with 8 nozzles.

    Cost: £29.99


    Tatty Bogle Floral Baking Set

    Why we love it: The adorable and personalised design
    This kit comes with a customised floral bag. It contains a selection of tools, all good quality from Tala. There is an option to select either metal or plastic cutters. We love the pretty fabrics, however, if you are after something less gender-neutral check out the shop via the link below as they offer lots of options.

    Age: 3+

    What’s included?: Personalised floral bag, wooden spoon, mini whisk, wooden-handled rubber spatula, miniature rolling pin, flower-shaped cutters.

    Cost: £22.99


    CRAFT + CRUMB Monster Bake And Craft Kit

    Why we love it: The fun and quirky designs
    This kit is a little different. It comes with all the ingredients and cutters to make and decorate 10-15 monster biscuits. You will just need to add eggs and butter. The kids will love the novelty and you will love that all of the ingredients are pre-weighed so you can just let them get on with it. It also comes personalised with a name an extra fun touch.

    Age: 4+

    What’s included?: Biscuit mix (just add eggs and butter), icing mix and piping bag, decorations, cutter, colouring, step by step guide, craft cookie bag activity.

    Cost: 19.99


    KitchenCraft Kids Baking Set

    Why we love it: It’s the best value
    A good quality set with small moulds for child-sized bakes. This set is highly rated on Amazon with lots of good reviews. One happy customer commented: “An adorable, well made little set which is the perfect size for little hands! The silicone trays are scaled down to toddler size but that works well for me as I can make a larger version for everyone else while my toddler makes her own.”. The set is sturdy and durable and comes with a 12-month guarantee.

    Age: 3+

    What’s included?: 4 cookie cutters (heart, star, moon and sun), small round silicone cake mould, silicone muffin tray, silicone loaf tin, spatula, spoon, whisk, rolling pin.

    Cost: £10.99


    CASDON Little Cook Kenwood Titanium Mixer

    Why we love it: It has WOW factor!
    Kids will adore this awsome scale replica of the Kenwood Titanium food mixer. It’s not the most effective kitchen tool, but we are completely charmed by the idea of having a matching mixer. It can be battery or hand-operated. Reviews are generally good, although some were perturbed by the outdated image on the packaging which depicts a girl and not a boy using it.

    Age: 5+

    What’s included?: Stand mixer, K paddle attachment, whisk attachment, spatula.

    Cost: £20.82


    Lakeland Kids’ 14pc Cake Decorating Set

    Why we love it: It’s the best for decorating
    Ideal for older children who enjoy crafting. This decorating kit is great for detailed cake decorations and letting creative juices flow.

    Age: 6+

    What’s included?: Reusable silicone piping bag, 4 Plastic piping nozzles, 4 Plunger cutters, 3 Embossing tools, Deco spoon, Acetate tray mould – with heart, flower, star and butterfly shapes

    Cost: £11.99


    Dantoy Baking Set

    Why we love it: It’s the best for biscuits
    This 12 piece set is ideal for making biscuits. It comes with a rolling pin and cutter. For a simple activity set up the kids with this and buy a readymade block of pastry. It will provide lots of fun. It’s great for young children to play with.

    : 2+

    What’s included?: 6 cutters, bowl, whisk, scoop, spatula, rolling pin, pastry roller.

    Cost: £9.95


    Lakeland Children’s 10pc Baking Gift Set

    Why we love it: It’s a great gift!
    Coming in at under 10 quid this is a fab gifting option. It is a good starter kit and it scaled down to make it easier for little hands to use. It’s basic and great for giving small children an activity to keep them occupied while you’re busy doing grown-up cooking! We love that this kit is entirely dishwasher safe and fun bright colours. It also comes with a three year guarantee. Lakeland has a great array of kids baking bits, so if it is a gift, and you’re feeling generous then add a little apron to your order.

    Age: 2+

    What’s included?: 1 litre mixing bowl with handle and pouring lip, 6 silicone cupcake cases, whisk, spatula, pastry brush

    Cost: £9.99


     Opinel knife and peeler set

    Why we love it: It’s the best for little pros
    For the more advanced little chef, this set from Opinel teaches children how to safely use sharp kitchen tools. The knife and peeler come with a training ring and finger guard to help kids learn to position their fingers correctly. It’s great to get kids helping out in the kitchen from a young age to educate them about food and diets.

    Age: 7+ (with adult supervision)

    What’s included?: knife with training ring, vegetable peeler with a training ring, finger guard

    Cost: £38


    Gingerbreadman Baking Kit

    Why we love it: It’s perfect for Christmas
    Great for the more advanced little baker, and ideal for creating some jolly Christmas gingerbread men. The piping bag comes with different tips for playing with different shapes. The silicone moulds are heat resistant up to 250C, the flexibility also means it’s easy to remove the bakes. If this one tickles your fancy check out our recipe for easy gingerbread.

    Age: 3+

    What’s included?: icing bag with five tips, spatula, mini gingerbread men silicone mould, large silicone gingerbread man mould, metal gingerbread man cutter.

    Cost: £13.99 (was £16.99)


    Rocket and FOX Star Baker Set

    Why we love it: It’s the best for a personalised gift:
    This neutral collection comes personalised, so perfect to avoid sibling squabbles! The kit is made up of small tools so it is great for little hands. Perfectly sized for children under 5. It all comes in a customised cotton bag too so can neatly be stowed away. You can also add a matching apron to your order for an additional £16. It’s great for a gift as it comes wrapped in a bow.

    Age: 2 – 5

    What’s included?: Personalised drawstring bag, rolling pin, spatula, pastry brush (not customised), wooden spoon, cutting board.

    Cost: £16.50


    Which will you pick?