How to make a pumpkin bag

Get into the spirit of Halloween and learn how to make a pumpkin bag with the kids, that they can take out trick or treating

Your kids are bound to get loads of sweet treats this Halloween with their spooky outfits and fun face paints, so here's how to make a pumpkin bag that they can take out trick or treating with them and keep all their goodies safe, especially as capes don't have pockets!

Get the kids excited for Halloween and help them sew this orange felt pumpkin bag, then decorate it with a cheeky face. This fun pumpkin bag will go perfectly with your child's Halloween costume and the long, green handle will be strong enough to carry their Halloween hoard through the night.

How to make a pumpkin bag:

Time: 30 minutes Skill level: Beginner

Pumpkin bag craft equipment:

  • 1 piece of orange glittery felt

  • 1 piece of black glittery felt

  • Orange foam paint

  • Purple thread

  • 50cm of green rattail cord

  • A sewing needle

  • Scissors

  • PVA glue

Pumpkin bag instructions:

Using scissors (help your child with this part to avoid nasty cuts) cut 2 equally-shaped pumpkins from the orange felt. Paint on orange lines, like the ones in the picture, on one of the pumpkin shapes and leave it aside to dry. This will be the front of your pumpkin bag.

Take the black felt and cut out 3 triangles for the pumpkin's eyes and nose, plus a half-moon shape with 2 small triangles cut into it for the pumpkin's mouth. Arrange these on the pumpkin shape you've painted and glue them on.

Tie a knot in each end of your green cord. This will become the handle for your pumpkin bag.

Use a running stitch to join both sides of the pumpkin bag with your purple thread, and stitch the cord securely at each side (you might want to do this bit for your child as it could be a bit tricky for them). Don't forget to leave an opening at the top of the pumpkin bag.

Crafty tip: Cover your work space in newspaper or an old tablecloth to avoid stray drips of paint or glue. Safety tip: You should always supervise your child if they're using sharp implements like scissors and sewing needles. Keep the needle out of your child's reach when not in use.

You will find all of the items to make this project at your local Hobbycraft store and online at

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