Duchess of Cambridge reveals Prince George and Princess Charlotte are learning to ride bikes

So sweet!

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are learning to ride bikes.

The mum-of-two was attending a cycling-themed festival during her official visit to Luxembourg, where she talked to many cyclists.

One of them was professional cyclist Frank Schleck, to whom the Duchess revealed her two young children are already starting to learn how to ride bikes.

Kate made the revelation during her recent visit to Luxembourg

'We talked about how they [children] really appreciate riding a bike', Frank told local media. 'She said their kids have bikes and that they're always excited about trying to ride.

'For kids, it's great because they can exercise and – as long as it's safe – go to school without their parents.'

Learning to ride a bike is not the only skill the two young royals are learning, despite their young ages.

Even though George is only three years old, Kate recently revealed he's learning a second language - Spanish - and can already count to 10!

The proud mum made the revelation during a visit to a charity farm project in Gloucestershire, where she also revealed Charlotte, who has just turned two years old, is learning to speak Spanish as well.

'She said she is trying to teach Charlotte Spanish and said her son George can count up to 10 in Spanish already,' Sayana, a nine-year-old girl who was volunteering at the farm, told the media after her interaction with the Duchess.

Although impressive for such young children, the royal tots are following in the footsteps of their language-loving family.

The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Kate and William are all fluent in French, and their father can also speak Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Swahili and Vietnamese - so it's no wonder they're doing well!

The young family of four will soon be moving to London, so that George - who turns four in July - can start school in September. He'll be attending Thomas London Day School, and he'll be the first member of his family to go to a mixed-sex school.


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