Huge change set for Aldi shoppers as first ever checkout-free Aldi store opens

A close-up of an Aldi store sign on August 19, 2021 in Cardiff, Wales.
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Aldi has opened its first checkout-free store, allowing customers to pick up items and go without having to wait in line to pay.

As the world evolves and adapts to new kinds of buying, bargain supermarket chain, Aldi, are keeping up with the times by opening a "trial" checkout-free store in London, that allows shoppers to complete their shopping and pay without having to go to a checkout counter.

The European shopping chain has been making headlines in recent months, with a nostalgic Willy Wonka-inspired £10,000 giveaway and a hilariously 'savage' dig at M&S in their 'Christmas advert war.

Aldi's new groundbreaking pay on the go scheme involves shoppers using the Aldi Shop&Go app and being charged for their purchases as they leave the store, the first of its kind is in Greenwich.

Aldi's new store follows in the footsteps of Amazon, after the online shopping giant launched its Amazon Fresh stores.

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Customers will also be able to buy alcohol through the new way of shopping, including the award-winning best Aldi wines as well as 17 new rosé wines starting at £4.99. All you have to do to bag these bottles is use facial-age estimation technology to see if you look to be older than 25.

People who are unable or unwilling to use the system can have their age confirmed by a staff member. Customers will be tracked as they shop, and they will be billed as they leave, thanks to a set of high-tech cameras.

Greenwich store manager Lewis Esparon announced the huge shopping shift, saying, "We have been working towards this day for several months now so it will be great to see how our customers react to the new technology.

"For us, steps like this are always about improving the customer experience and the whole team are looking forward to being on-hand and ready to help to ensure that experience is as smooth as ever."

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Aldi UK and Ireland CEO Giles Hurley admitted that the opening is "the culmination of months of work" and that he was "looking forward to seeing how customers react".

The checkout-free store was first announced by Aldi in September of last year, but no opening date was given, as Giles continued, "This store utilises the very latest in retail technology offering Aldi’s award-winning products and unbeatable prices to customers in a new and innovative way."

"The team are really excited about seeing customers come in and experience Aldi Shop&Go," he concluded.

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