Aldi launches first-ever Willy Wonka-inspired £10,000 giveaway

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Aldi's Golden Tickets are set to bring a Willy Wonka style experience to life as lucky shoppers are set to win a life-changing adventure in their new Dairyfine Golden Giveaway. 

Brits across the nation were raised on classic children's tales like Roald Dahl's much-loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that taught us that dreams can come true. Now Aldi is giving selected shoppers the chance of a lifetime with their new Dairyfine Golden Giveaway. For anyone who loves retro chocolate bars or is looking to try out some chocolate recipes, the supermarket giant has the perfect product to give you a sense of nostalgia as well as delicious taste - with the added bonus of a golden ticket surprise.

Their Dairyfine Golden Giveaway will see 25 chocolate bar tickets released in stores across the UK next week. Five extra lucky customers will win a total of £10,000, with an additional 20 vouchers worth £5,000 each also up for grabs.

Aldi announces Willy Wonka-style £10,000 giveaway.

Credit: Aldi

Customers can head to store and start picking up the bars from 1st November in the hopes of bagging themselves as highly-coveted winning ticket. Each bar is priced at a very affordable £4.99 and comes in a classic, smooth milk chocolate flavour.

If a bar has a ticket, all you need to do is hop on Aldi's website to claim the value of the cash prize printed on it. But you'd better be quick! Prizes must be claimed by midnight on January 24, 2022, so don't keep this treat hanging around too long in case you're one of the lucky winners.

Even if you don't end up winning any money, these delicious chocolate bars as still worth adding to your basket. Each sweet treat comes with a festive message written on the inside, making it a little more special.

Double Chocolate 015.

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As well as picking up the bars in store, you can also participate through Click & Collect, but you must be 18 or older and a resident of the UK to enter.

Fr anyone who's ready to start the rest of their Christmas shopping alongside picking up one of these bars, Aldi lovers will also be happy to know that the budget retailer is selling its most luxurious Christmas hamper yet. The basket is packed with goodies perfect for the festive season!

Aldi's Chocolate Celebration Hamper is another great pick packed with goodies like Moser Roth Salted Caramel Stirrers, Luxury Chocolate Winter Desserts and Specially Selected Marshmallows.

But you've had your fill of chocolate this year and want to try something new, Aldi's Vegan Hamper also offers a tempting selection of plant-based holiday favourites. Perfect as a gift or to enjoy yourself, there's never been a better time to try out a new treat!

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