Try this genius hack to get rid of kitchen scratches on shiny surfaces

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  • An Instagrammer and cleaning enthusiast has shared an incredible hack to erase scratches on stainless steel kitchen surfaces using just three ingredients

    We all love a good hack, especially when it comes to cleaning. Social media has it all, you can find simple hacks for everything, from how to clean our hairbrushes to cleaning our stubborn shower grout. You can even find tips on how to get old blankets fluffy again.

    Cleaning enthusiast Liz Amaya has now shared a genius hack to rival Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips. If you have any stainless steel appliances, this hack could change your life.

    Liz shared a video on her Instagram showing how she gets rid of scratches on her stainless steel fridge with ease. All you need is three simple ingredients to get your kitchen shiny and scratch-free again.

    Firstly you’ll need a soft toothbrush and some whitening toothpaste and to scrub the scratch with the toothbrush and paste. Toothpaste is a surprisingly brilliant cleaner, its texture can buff away scratches even on glass.

    Simply wipe the toothpaste off your scratched surface with a damp microfibre cloth. The third and potentially most surprising ingredient is oil.

    Any oil will do whether it’s olive or sunflower oil. You’ll need to wipe and buff over the scratched area to get that dazzling shine.

    Stainless Steel kitchen appliances

    Fans have been loving the clever hack, hitting the comment section to express their amazement.

    One said, 👏👏amazing!!! Thank you 🙌.

    Another wrote, ‘What a great hack! 😍👏.’

    A third commented,‘👏👏 must give this a go!!! 😮.’

    The great thing about this hack is you probably already have everything you’ll need to get your appliances shiny, so no need to go out and buy any expensive products. You can also get multiple uses out of all the ingredients which is a huge plus.

    The video also shows you step by step what to do and is very easy to follow. Liz does add that the hack works best on small, surface scratches. You might not get the same results with a deep, large scratch, but definitely worth a try!

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