This amazingly easy trick for cleaning tile grout will only cost you 40p

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An incredibly easy and cheap trick for cleaning tile grout has gone viral on Facebook and you're going to want to try it.

Social media has become the ultimate place for all the best cleaning tips and tricks, whether it’s cleaning behind your radiator or cleaning your hair brushes.

Bathroom tips are some of the most popular, you can find the best hacks to get your toilet sparkling and towels and tea towels clean. Thanks to Mrs. Hinch’s best cleaning tips we’re all now able to tackle cleaning jobs that once felt impossible.

Now another cleaning enthusiast has shared a cheap and cheerful trick to clean the tiles and grout of your bathroom.

Grout is notoriously hard to get clean, as black mould and grime can really stick and quickly discolour your otherwise clean bathroom. Grace Alyssia Isles-Blackburn has come to the rescue with an easy tip for just 39p.

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All you need is normal bathroom bleach and an old toothbrush. Grace posted the tip on Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, where she wrote, ‘Thanks to whoever suggested using neat bleach and a scrubbing brush on grout.’

‘After spending lots on many products to try to shift the water grime, a 40p bottle of bleach and brush did the trick.’ She also showed pictures of the tiles and grout beautifully clean. 

Talking to the Daily Star she said, "After using many cleaning products spending a fortune on highly rated products I couldn't remove the build-up of grime. So I decided to try with bleach and an old toothbrush as a last resort."

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Grace continued, "I applied neat Aldi own brand bleach which cost me about 39p to an old toothbrush ensured all windows were open for ventilation. I scrubbed the grout between each time and rinsed all the tiles well once completed."

For such a cheap and easy trick you can’t go wrong, but as Grace says - make sure your room is well ventilated as breathing in the fumes from bleach can be very harmful, and make sure you rinse your surfaces well.

We'll definitely be giving this one a go!

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