Shoppers are obsessed with this anxiety-banishing 99p Home Bargains product they 'can't sleep without'

Home Bargains 99p sleep spray
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If stress and anxiety is leaving you struggling to sleep, Home Bargains has a product for you.

Bargain shoppers are raving over a 99p must-have buy from the budget store, claiming they and their kids can't fall asleep without it.

One obsessed customer took to Facebook to share news of the cheap purchase with others, attracting the attention of loads of commenters.

Over on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, a poster shared a snap of the Home Bargains Derma V10 Lavender Pillow Spray, costing just 99p.

'For anyone whose been trying to get the Poundland sleepy stuff, Home Bargains do this pillow spray and a roll on for 99p,' a message next to the image read.

The upload prompted a wave of comments from people who swear by the less-than-£1 spray to get them and their kids to the land of nod.

'I’ve ran out can’t sleep without it,' one wrote.

'My daughter uses this and says it works a treat,' added another, while a third chipped in, 'Well it made me nap for two hours today!'

Others praised the calming spray for banishing bedtime anxiety, with one raving over the product's roll on alternative, 'I second the roll on! I have anxiety and it definitely helps with this, I also put some on just before I go to bed.'

Both the Derma V10 Pillow Spray Lavender and the roll-on addition contain lavender oil and extracts of chamomile and rosemary to help relax the senses.

Simply spritz the spray on your pillows and duvet, or apply the roll-on to your pulse points every night to drift off for a calming night's sleep.

Loads of commenters vowed to head down to Home Bargains to get their hands on some in the promise of getting some better deep sleep.

'I’ll be bathing in it to get some sleep


,' one laughed. 

'Omggg! I need to go to Home Bargins,' agreed a second.

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