Mum shares the "ultimate hack" for picking up LEGO, hint: it involves a sock

Tired of picking up your kids' LEGO? You only need a vacuum cleaner and an old sock to try this viral hack that promises to make the task so much easier

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One mum has shared how she picks up her kids' toy beads and her TikTok followers love it - we think it's the perfect hack for picking up LEGO blocks too. 

We all know the pain of stepping on LEGO, but kids (and plenty of adults too) love these clever building blocks, so they won't be disappearing any time soon. For many parents, that means hours spent picking up LEGO that's been scattered on the floor during playtime. 

And with the festive season upon us, several of the top Christmas toys for 2023 are LEGO sets, while there are plenty of savings on the popular construction bricks as part of Black Friday toy deals too - presenting the perfect opportunity to get hold of some cheap LEGO in time for Christmas. While this might be thrilling for your kids, no doubt some parents are dreading the post-playtime cleanup. 

Luckily, one mum has shared a genius hack for picking up small kids toys on TikTok - and we reckon it'll work just as well with LEGO. Natascha Emmel - aka @nataschas.multitalent on TikTok - often shares her cleaning tips and tricks on the platform. She captioned this video, "Your child has gone overboard with the iron-on beads's the ultimate hack for you!"

By placing an old sock over her vacuum cleaner's nozzle, Natascha sucks up her kids' toy beads - leaving her carpet clear. The beads remain safely tucked up inside the sock, and after turning off the machine she pours them back into the jar they came from. Tempted to give it a go with LEGO? Here's how she did it...

How to pick up LEGO


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Natascha's video has a huge 7.3 million views and more than 67 thousand likes on TikTok - and judging by the comments, parents approve. One follower wrote, "Mega cool", while another said, "Brilliant!" and one joked, "Now that's a good use for an old sock".

Goodto Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe, tried this hack - so you don't have to - and here's what she had to say: "I had a go at picking up my son's LEGO using this hack. It was great for hoovering up straggler bits, but to pick up the bulk of LEGO I'd still either need to get him to do it himself or use the lid to scoop up into the LEGO box - before finishing off with this hack while my lower back is screaming (thanks epidural)."

If you're sick of stepping on your kid's abandoned LEGO, we reckon this hack is worth a go - and just in time for gifting season too!

Where to buy LEGO this Christmas

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